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Are you looking for experts to help you (re)launch, position, and grow your eCommerce business? We offer strategic services, including in-house design and development for eCommerce businesses. We work with companies like CAMP DAVID, Tesori, JumpKing, and Arduino.

We accompany brands to success in the world of WooCommerce by building scalable solutions that measure what matters—your sales.

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What makes us different?

We deliver dedicated project manager, consultant, designer, and developer resources as part of a long-term engagement. This way, all of our resources are focused on becoming intimate with your business.


We use Cloud services to eliminate the need for provisioning and managing infrastructure so our teams can focus more on generating business value for our customers.


While others use an hourly model, we provide well-balanced cross-functional teams that are the best fit for the assignment and responsibility for the quality and timeliness of software delivery.

Our question is,

What can we help you with?

Learn more about platforms, technologies, and industries we have gained extensive experience with over the past ten years.

Our Main Platforms

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Solidus
  • Oxid

Our Main Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • React


  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Commodity
  • Product
  • E-Learning
  • Rental

Our approach is

Being focused on your success

When it comes to tailor-made WooCommerce solutions for business technology, innovation is all about increasing the pace of delivery. Speed influences the time to market and indirectly affects the costs associated with the project.

At StuntCoders, we deliver new technologies that facilitate this pace of delivery. We focus on intelligent orchestration and the integration of services, open-source components, and customized software.

While we are using an agile setup to deliver the software, we take responsibility to achieve milestones and reach deadlines together with your Product Owners and other stakeholders.

To best adapt to your needs, we have created two models of collaboration—one for balanced small-budget companies and the other for fast-paced enterprises or startups.


from   $7.200 USD /mo

Micro-team comprises multi-disciplinary personnel that includes project manager, front-end developer, back-end developer, and quality assurance. This well-balanced team will work on your project development two weeks a month, or 160 work hours. Product Owner determines priority and scope of the project.

  • 90 minutes Response Time

  • 160 Work Hours

  • Well-balanced team

  • Adaptive communication

Accelerated Development

from   $11.250 USD /mo

By establishing a dedicated development unit for you, we provide a comprehensive set of development services, ensuring an overall content business flow and teams that are the best fit for the assignment and responsibility for the quality and timeliness of software delivery.

  • Full time, fully integrated team

  • Team assigned exclusively to you

  • Predictable and transparent cost

  • Development at your pace

We create long-lasting relationships with our clients and focus on communicating with them to ensure they are always in control.
Our Accelerated Development delivery method is a perfect fit for more significant innovation initiatives, where roadmaps and backlogs exist and stretch over a more extended period.
You control the direction and focus of the teams and adjust their priorities to align with your business needs in an agile way.

During my career I have worked with numerous IT companies, software and e-commerce developers. None of them come close to StuntCoders. They are a highly dedicated and professional team with a high technical proficiency, but most importantly you feel that they care about your project on a personal level. You really feel that they want you to succeed. This is what sets StuntCoders apart from the rest. I highly recommend Dejan and the rest of the team at StuntCoders.

Terje from Tesori
Terje Gaupseth
CEO, Tesori

We are providing you with peace of mind.

Hosting Included

Our team of DevOps is there to make sure your systems are running smoothly 24/7 so that you don't need to dedicate any additional resources to run your online store.

Distributed Network

Distributed networks of computers are there to provide you with exceptional deliverability, so you can always stay online even in the unlikely event of increased loads or outside attacks.

Daily Backups

Our backup systems are made in such a manner that partial updates get performed every minute to make sure your system is possible to recover without any data loss. Full backups get performed daily.

GDPR Compliance

Our team will make sure you stay up to date with GDPR with data processing audits, privacy policy checks, and communication with your legal team upon new tools implemented while recording awareness of the customer so that in an unlikely event of user reporting, you have the evidence of rightdoing.

Marketplaces under your fingertips

Speed up deals with the ability to sell on marketplaces through integrated platforms and reach a wider audience through Amazon, Zalando, Otto, Galaxus and hundreds of others.

Once implemented, our customers have seen a 5x increase in revenue in the first year and a steady 1.3x year over year after the first year.

Unleash your Decision-making Process

360° eCommerce Analytics

Today the world’s most valuable resource has changed from energy to data. Businesses are becoming driven by data and the insights derived from it; this, in turn, requires us to develop new skills in data engineering and data science.

To develop a business-value-focused WooCommerce solution, IT strategy and to fit your business objectives, our company will collaborate with your teams beyond beyond ROI and ROAS.

Our know-how allows for the most accurate data tracking implementations. This way, once correctly processed, allows your marketing and sales teams to make correct critical business decisions.

Alliances & Partnerships

Benefit from our know-how. Having deep expertise around these solutions helps us deliver even more value to you, our customers.

Including:  DesignRush partnership.


Accelerate Your WooCommerce Development

Shortage of tech talent is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today regarding technology innovation.

StuntCoders accelerates product roadmaps and helps modernize tech stacks by becoming a trusted technology partner and an extension of your in-house team.


We help you grow your project with tailor-made individual team members who have the right level of expertise and work for you remotely and under your direct management. You avoid all the trouble of administration and infrastructure while at the same time significantly reducing your labor costs.

We help you overcome tech talent shortages and become your additional development location by working alongside your engineering teams.

Experienced developer

Why does it make sense?

You don't have to provide office, equipment, and testing. None of the material elements are necessary for building an online presence. You can also forget about recruitment time and costs. You don't need to worry about software and test infrastructure. You can skip trying to gather the exact set of skills necessary for your project.

High performance, quality output and great communication go a long way to ensure smooth service delivery. We have a set of continual activities to ensure we’re on top of our game.


Choose an Experienced Integrator

Over the 10+ years, we have delivered 60+ highly successful online stores and have successfully connected online stores to ERP, warehouse systems, and CRMs.

Integrating your internal tools into your website can be a tedious task prone to failure. By choosing a partner with experience with the following systems, you reduce time to market and uncertainty.



Microsoft Dynamics






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