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Hi there,
Let me tell you the story about StuntCoders (some of us are in this photo).

StuntCoders team

When we were kids, we were honest about our fantasies. We were hungry for knowledge and all that mattered was fun. Later, we grew up and started doing what we were told to. Soon, we started despising Mondays and continued with our lives without trying to make our days count.

We honestly believed that this is not the road we were meant to take, because if you are not truly happy, it will show on the products you deliver. We wanted an environment where we would feel free to talk about ideas, a place where we could learn something new every day and where we could come to be productive and give our maximum. We wanted a place where you would ask yourself: “How come the whole week has already gone by?!”.

So we founded a company and brought our friendship to the office. We didn’t want employees, we wanted a family of professionals that could come up with killing solutions. We called it StuntCoders.

StuntCoders is a family, and when we accept a new project, our client becomes a part of our family. We want to make our clients feel welcome and we want them to know that we care. We care about their ideas and plans, and we try hard to make them happen. We know how important their vision is, as we have fulfilled ours.

Our knowledge is our client’s shortcut to success. And we don’t search for shortcuts in our work. We believe in people and ideas. We know that with a good idea, we can do more and we’re ready to work more and harder than others because we know that in the end, we’ll be proud. Proud of what we achieved, proud of ourselves and proud of our work.

Dejan Jacimovic

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