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Over the last decade, we have collaborated with some of the largest Scandinavian fashion brands and some of the most successful ones from Germany to bring to life our enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform.

All the

Features you'll need

With our B2B platform, you have the power to fuel B2B eCommerce — and with our team, the speed to adapt it.

Over the last 10-year-period, we have invested more than 100.000 work-hours, working with real-life enterprise customers to bring this unique B2B eCommerce system to the market.

It comes packed with essential features out of the box.

  • Your Tools, Integrated

    ERP, Warehouse, CRM, and marketplaces. We integrate all the tools your business relies on to function reliably and synchronously.

    Some of the systems we have previously made seamless integrations with include SAP, Microsoft Navision, Visma, Autodata, Salesforce, Oracle CRM, SuperOffice, Tradebyte.

  • Pre-Order & Re-Order Built-in

    Business customers need to be able to make pre-orders and receive goods at the beginning of the season.

    Separate stores mean we support different integrations and completely separate ordering systems to avoid any complications and assure the correct information is in the right place.

  • Custom Pricing

    All products can be priced individually per customer group or order volume. Allow unprecedented freedom of pricing definition, either from your B2B eCommerce system or by importing from your ERP.

  • Pre-Order Analysis

    Did some products sell poorly during the pre-order period? Deeply analyze the data before sending your orders to production. Automatically discover the orders with canceled products, decide if you wish to remove or replace them automatically.

  • Order Minimums

    Our B2B eCommerce system allows setups that can require:

    • the minimum total value to proceed to the checkout
    • minimum quantity per individual product
    • minimum quantity per individual product size
    • minimum value per product

  • Order Duplication

    Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price.

    This will allow them to duplicate the order quantities or match the order and decide to ship it to a separate location.

  • No limits on products, pictures, or videos

    We consider these limits a thing of the past. You should not pay per product, picture, or video. Your customers deserve the best you can offer, and if that means details of images, 360 gallery, or multiple videos, you will be able to present it to them along with your product.

  • Sales representative masquerade

    Each customer can have an assigned sales manager from your company. Those managers will be able to log in on behalf of a customer, access shopping lists, add products to the cart, and complete the order.

We are providing you with peace of mind.

Hosting Included

Our team of DevOps is there to make sure your systems are running smoothly 24/7 so that you don't need to dedicate any additional resources to run your B2B online store.

Server Monitoring

Our monitoring systems will inform you via SMS and email, just as it will inform our team, so we can react quickly and get you up and running in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Daily Backups

Because sometimes problems do happen, we make sure backups are performed daily, and completely recoverable within minutes.

Security Scans

Malware can be hidden anywhere, so we are constantly searching for it, and in case we find malicious pieces of code on the server, we should inform you immediately while taking care of it at the same time.

Unleash your sales team's secret weapon

Speed up deals with the ability for sales reps to create custom quotes and discounts, login, shop, and purchase on behalf of customers.

Payment Reminders

Since your business will most often work on an invoice basis with your customers, you need to send them payment reminders after the order has shipped.

With our B2B eCommerce platform, it is easy to overview those customers and send bulk reminders.

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We got featured on major news sites for providing a great B2B eCommerce solutions.

USA Today

Adapt to your customers' needs

B2B eCommerce system should serve you and adapt to your needs so that you can optimize your business processes and save on time for your sales team.

Powerful front-end

Everybody has different habits, and that is absolutely fine. Your habits help you stay organised throughout the day, and we won't make you change them for us.

Adaptive back-end

Do your customers prefer using XLS instead of the web interface? Our B2B eCommerce system allows you to export lists of products to an XLS file, email them to your customer, and then import them back into the system while keeping you informed of information changes that happened in the meantime.

Export+upload XLS system will allow you flexibility while transitioning from old-fashion B2B, while sales representatives will save time to perform more critical tasks.

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Decisions are better when backed by data

Since your business will most often work on an invoice basis with your customers, you need to send them payment reminders after the order has shipped.

With our B2B eCommerce platform, it is easy to overview those customers and send bulk reminders.

Starting from $31.700 USD

Standard implementation takes about six months and requires a project manager on the side of the client.

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