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StuntCoders worked closely with Selekkt to develop and grow their brand through 13+ years and continues to manage their platform today with a dedicated team of 5 engineers and designers.

Selekkt case study

The Story

The story of the transformation of the Selekkt system is a story of combining all best practices of StuntCoders to achieve high-performing and happy development teams, to ensure that Product Owners can reliably promise the delivery to their business and for operations to come to low costs of change, low running costs and reliable software quality.

Collaborating Since 2010

When we started working on Selekkt's Marketplace platform in 2010, the system was a large PHP legacy platform with over 1 million lines of intertwined code, encrypted files running on outdated server infrastructure.

The change was constant, development was extensive, and the technical debt was high. The system is now based on modern architecture, running on Kubernetes on DigitalOcean, with mature DevOps reducing the overall maintenance cost by 3x.

Selekkt - Collaborating since 2010

YOY Growth

What started as a journey of 1.000 creative people sell unique products on turned into 40.000 vendors. Far from the mainstream, you will find furniture and furnishings, unusual fashion and bags, hand-printed posters and prints, but also delicacies and elegant technical accessories.

StuntCoders supports in raising the quality and working methods within the development teams. The software professionals from StuntCoders bring knowledge and experience to the table with the Agile methodology, continuous improvement, attention to security and architecture.

When landing on, customers now experience a fast, design-oriented storefront and feel a unique shopping experience instead of a large marketplace.

Selekkt's Growth

There’s so much mutual trust between us that we don’t even think of them as a vendor anymore.

Jan Rode
Managing partner, selekkt Digital GmbH
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