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StuntCoders worked closely with Tesori to develop and grow with their brand through 8+ years and continues to manage their platform today with dedication from day one.

Tesori case study

The Story

The story of Tesori collaboration came to life through collaboration with multiple agencies from Oslo, collaborating on technical, design, and SEO aspects to bring to life the spirit of Tesori Diamanter.

Collaborating Since 2013

StuntCoders was lucky enough to receive a pitch from DayTwo and Tesori to implement visual identity through an eCommerce platform for selling quality diamonds and jewelry.

Tesori selected StuntCoders as their partner in this long-lasting pursuit of perfection in performance, reliability.

Tesori - Collaborating since 2013

Evolution vs. Revolution

For a fixed monthly budget, StuntCoders has successfully managed to maintain the pace of development and keep the eCommerce platform fresh with a variety of new features such as:

  • changes in tracking and analytics
  • full implementation of booking system on two separate locations
  • dynamic separation of products and categories
  • follow through Google changes in Store and marketplaces
  • adapt new strategies with Google and Facebook feed and conversion tracking
  • work closely with GUI and SEO teams to keep the platform fresh
  • implement latest payment methods and follow with accounting tools implementation
Tesori's Growth

During my career I have worked with numerous IT companies, software and e-commerce developers. None of them come close to StuntCoders. They are a highly dedicated and professional team with a high technical proficiency, but most importantly you feel that they care about your project on a personal level. You really feel that they want you to succeed. This is what sets StuntCoders apart from the rest. I highly recommend Dejan and the rest of the team at StuntCoders.

Terje's review
Terje Gaupseth
CEO, Tesori
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