Why You Should Outsource IT Services


So many great reasons why you should outsource IT services. We wrote several, hopefully they will help you reach a decision!

A couple a days ago I spoke with my best friend who runs a business in Germany for whom StuntCoders provides a service of outsourcing Java GWT development. During this conversation we spoke about advantages of doing business this way and we both got to the point where we agreed that outsourcing is comparable to cloud hosting. Cloud hosting provides you with platform of growth and stability with cost of much smaller servers.

Here are some of advantages of doing outsourcing of IT services, and reasons why you should think about them too.

You don’t have to worry about hiring people

Hiring a new person to join a team is hard, having to do it without being a professional in IT field can be even harder. With outsourcing of services needed you don’t need this process, the company you hire is doing this for you.

Our company works in a different way than most of the outsource companies. We find that people working on the project should communicate directly to people hiring us so we avoid any kind of confusion or misunderstanding in this process. We also provide tools that help communicate more effectively than using just an e-mail.

You don’t need an office space for this person

Nor do you need equipment (including computer, monitors, chair, desk or any other equipment). It’s all been been taken care of by someone else and is included in the price you agreed with the company.

You don’t need to worry about specialisation, certification nor software licensing for your equipment. The outsourcing company cares about all of this.

You actually get a knowledge of a group

When you are not hiring one person on which you have to depend on, you get a knowledge of that person. However, when you hire a company, you get a knowledge of a whole organisation standing behind this person. If he/she doesn’t know or haven’t met with a certain problem, there is someone who has and who will help out. Even if anybody hasn’t seen it, a group of people will always solve an issue quicker.

You check results and not employee

Not only do you get your developer or a team, but you also get a manager of this team so you don’t have to worry about what developer is doing, you just need to check results of the work done by your request. You don’t need to worry about days off, holidays, social security nor vacations.

With tools that we provide, you have a complete access and ownership over everything done. Using a project management tools we provide for free you get an insight of how the project is progressing. With source code repositories we provide for free you get an insight of how much is done on every single day and what tasks have been dealt with. You also have the ability to take everything locally or transfer it to another team if you are not 100% satisfied, so you are completely independent.

It’s saves money

It is always cheaper to outsource, and with all benefits of doing this we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t.

If you are considering outsourcing software development for your company, contact us, as we’d love to meet you and see how we can help you out! We would be glad if we can.

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