Why You Should Care About Magento Checkout?


Importance of checkout can never be underestimated. It is part of the process when buyers share their private details and it is crucial that the whole process runs smoothly. Here is what you should think about when it comes to Magento checkout.

By default, Magento comes with checkout page which is not really intuitive. It leads to imperfect experience and can decrease conversion rate. Nobody likes being made to perform an extra step, and nobody likes filling out forms (offline or online).

What most of the checkout solutions are doing wrong (including many One Step Checkouts) and driving away your customers can be found in the list below. Have no fear, there is a way to improve it.


1. Making customers fill in redundant fields

Ever wondered why you need to enter your address, city and country when you already entered your ZIP code? Google can find your address so why can’t your checkout?

2. Bothering returning customers

It is really frustrating to bother customer with choice of log in and registration. You don’t always remember your passwords, and you don’t always remember if you purchased from particular shop. Why should your customer? Most importantly, don’t make your customers leave the checkout page to renew password or check if they registered. You can do it all on the checkout page.

Once your customer has entered their email, you will know if they exist, so why bother them remembering if they were on your store already?

3. Making customers select credit cart type

This is really not necessary. Once the customer has entered a couple of digits computers can recognize the type of their credit card. Avoid asking your customers redundant questions and let them easily purchase. They deserve it.

4. Waiting to post data to validate

Why making customer click the button to tell them that they made a mistake? Why make them search with their eye where the mistake was made? You can make the process much more simple by offering validation “on the go”. While customer is typing their data, checkout can validate it and let the customer know if they made a mistake. This will save time and help customer finish their purchase.


So, what can you do to improve your Magento checkout? You can hire a team of developers to improve your checkout or you can purchase a complete solution. Yes, there is a checkout that got it all right. The best thing is – they built their product based on eCommerce Checkout Usability so you know they did it right.

They are called Awesome Checkout and I can tell you – checkout does not get more awesomer than this.

Notice: We were not paid or in any other way motivated to promote their checkout solution for Magento checkout. We just find it amazing and recommend it to our customers!