Using Video on Your Online Store is a Must!


Will video replace photography and become integral part of the product page, or will the good old .jpeg continue its long term rain when it comes to online stores? Find out in our latest blog post!

One thing is clear – eCommerce is rapidly evolving and growing more and more every minute.

And it’s not running towards the greatest success ever alone.

Alongside eCommerce, ideas are being developed and solutions are being implemented.

The goal is to enhance the product, maximise customer’s satisfaction on one side, and increase sales on the other.

Videos are in the midst of everything.

They can do so much in terms of SEO optimisation and in terms of maximising profit.

Placing videos next to products has definitely become a must. And it has been raising a lot of questions.

Is it becoming new .jpeg?

Will it replace photography and become integral part of the product page, or will the good old jpeg continue its long term rain when it comes to online stores and the need to show the product to the buyers and make them buy?

MacBook, camera and headphones

When talking about videos, we often talk about videos showing other people’s experience with your product.

Of course, we often watch those uploaded by online store owners.

The fact that the production cost is becoming lower every day and that today we can create high quality video by using mobile phone and equipment we all pretty much have by now, more and more store owners are deciding to opt for a video in order to showcase the product to the buyers.

That’s why, we summed up couple of facts that might inspire you to take video into account and think about including it as a integral part of your online store.

Why video?

It’s simple – countless statistics have shown that buyers will decide to buy a product after watching the video.

52% said that they felt persuaded that they have made the right decision after watching the video.

What is also important – they stated that the chances they will return the product are minimal.

Basically, those are all the advantages of video compared to photography.

Video allows the end-consumer to get to know product characteristics right there on the spot and with that, the chances that the product will be returned are significantly lower.

Buyers will know exactly what is it that will be shipped to their address.

No surprises. Win-win situation.

What kind of video?

There are several options that you can use when it comes to video.

As an online store owner, you always have the option to create simple “how to” video.

It doesn’t really matter whether your products is a scarf or a tablet – video can show everything.

You can show 100 different ways to wear a scarf so it looks chic or, talking about tablet – show whether it supports additional elements such as keyboard, whether it’s possible to read eBooks and in which formats and so on.

Let’s say you’re selling Go Pro cameras.

The worst thing you can do is simply stand in front of a white canvas and go on and on about its functionalities.

Attach it to a helmet of an experienced snowboarder and let it create amazing videos that will present a lifestyle to a customer.

Think outside of the box depending on what you are selling and to who you are selling and find the most creative and innovative way to create videos of action.

Loud and clear

One thing you should never do – create videos that go on and on about how your products is the best ever.

Make sure its characteristics are the focus of the video.

If they are the best in the world, the buyers will recognise and acknowledge that.

Instead, try to anticipate what is it that the buyers would love to know about your product and show them the most important features.

Are you selling bags, suitcases and purses? Show all the hidden pockets, strong zippers, show how hand luggage is compact and how your materials are high quality ones.

Show them everything you consider to be relevant.

Everything you couldn’t show them because photography failed to deliver.

Test, test

Your product photography might be great and professionally executed, but it probably couldn’t show the best part of your product.

They couldn’t portray how your product behaves when moving, or to showcase if it is flexible enough. Think baby strollers. Images could show everything, but they could show everything separately.

That’s why video wins this one.

Test your product in front of cameras and show your potential customers that it only takes couple of minutes to adjust large stroller to a small trunk and fit it perfectly, how it can serve as a bassinet and so on.

Test your product in front of cameras and show to the customers the most easy way to adjust the stroller when travelling and make them check other functionalities by buying your product.

Go beyond showing wardrobe or accessories on models that have been photographed in static poses, failing to show how the product will really look like.

Take a look how our amazing client Ucon Acrobatics GmbH chose to present one of their products.


Prior to creating video, you should know couple of facts.

You should never create content with one purpose only.

No matter if it’s about photography, articles of some sort or videos.

Always have in mind that you might need it for some other purpose so be careful what format will you use, will it be high quality, and where will people see them or use them.

Maybe some of the parts will be used to create a commercial, maybe you would want to upload it and share it via social media.

Also, make sure that its segments can be used with different purposes.

And of course, always create content (no matter what kind of content) that has the highest quality possible.


Everyone agrees – YouTube changed everything.

Now, our search begins on social media, and if looking for a video, it’s the matter of seconds when we will end up on YouTube.

What’s important, is that you shouldn’t give up if you discover someone did the same thing before you.

Be grateful that someone that owns a channel on this platform (and maybe thousands of subscribers, who knows!) chose to show your product in his “Monthly Favourites video”, compare it to other similar products or show how it’s used.

And let’s sum up with couple of advices.

Have in mind that – if you choose video you have to do everything to reach the biggest audience possible.

Make sure your video title is short, effective and interesting.

Tag it properly. Search for keywords that will ensure views and include impeccable description.

Share it via social media and use it to increase views, shares and number of comments.

If you’re still indecisive, and you’re debating whether video is the right choice, here’s another fun fact – eCommerce stores offering videos related to their products occupy full and undivided attention of their customers, making them to stay on their store longer.

That way, chances that the product will sell, grow significantly, as well as visits and your store’s visibility.

Think about it and give video a chance!