Tutorials and Support

Videos are a great way to learn more about the platform you are using, this is why we have made 50+ Magento tutorials showing you how to utilize functionalities that Magento has.

However, videos can’t do much when you need to spend hours putting in those tedious products in, making reports for your production team, or financing department. Not to mention those warehouse analysis.

This is where we come in 🤓 — go nerds! 🎉

We can help you do any old e-commerce related task as we know the system inside out, and you don’t even need to lift a finger. 👍

Well, except that one. 👆

Some things we can help you with (there’s more):

  • Setup and upload of new products
  • Replacement of photos
  • Editing CMS pages/banners/slideshows/campaigns
  • Detailed weekly testing of your store
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Teaching you how to do things on your own 😉
  • Single point of service for all the services you use like: payment gateways, shipping companies, other integrations you might have (AKA – if something goes wrong, you blow the whistle, we figure out what went wrong, and try fix for you)

Why don’t you contact us and see how we can make your life easier. That’s why we are here. To give be there for you, and to help you in your time of need.

This is us, according to our customers👇