There is Nothing Wrong With Being Small or Different


Have you already forgot that everyone was once small? Do you think you can never win against giants in eCommerce? Well, we found an amazing example and wrote a killer blog post to prove you wrong! Let us know what you think about it!

This one we’ve heard so many times – “we’re a small company, family company, we produce everything by ourselves, we distribute everything by ourselves and we really don’t have as many products to even put online”.

Yes, we know.

Another one is – “well, our product cannot be placed online, it can be damaged during shipping, it’s going to cost a lot to ship it, and we’re perfectly good with how [insert platform name] helps us with our business. It’s impossible to compete with big online stores with thousands of products”.

We know.

And we know that the list of excuses goes on and on.

We really do know, and we decided not to convince you at all. But, the thing is, we want you to go ahead, strive for more and progress.

That’s why we made it our goal to educate.


Recently we ran into an amazing example that definitely puts everything into a different perspective. We saw an amazing online store that sells – sheep, goats, oxen and horses. They’re proud to say that they have more than 52 thousand animals in their base.

Yes, they’re alive and yes, they’re doing an amazing job. You can see the pictures, you can see how old the animals are, you can see their main characteristics, you can even arrange an exchange. Assuming you are a farmer and you’re spending your entire day catering the needs of your animals or cultivating fields – time is of the essence.

Money too.

Before, farmers would travel, often to a lot of different places until they would find what they need. Now they have images, seller’s contact, and there’s even a map with buyer’s location. They have round the clock customer support, and soon they will start organising transport so that buyers and sellers don’t have to arrange it by themselves.

Search is simple and neatly organised into categories, which makes it even more easy to use. They’re really engaged about their blog, posting news and predicting trends, notifying customers about prices and educating about different sorts of animals. Hell, they even made it to the New York Times!

By selling sheep, goats and pigs online in a country with bad economy, with population of only 6.5 million, where most people live in cities.


We have to say it – what’s your excuse at this point?

Everything is easier when you are small!

Website that we mentioned earlier shows, in the best way possible, that you can sell everything online. The only thing you need to do is engage. We can go that far to even claim that everything is easier when you’re small. You can arrange everything as you wish – from the production over packaging and to distribution. It is hard to struggle with big competitors in eCommerce industry. But it can bring loads of advantages to your side too.

If you position yourself in the minds of buyers as a seller that has professional online store solution, that is punctual and offers products of great quality – customers will not think twice. So don’t be scared! Instead – take advantage of the fact that your business is small.

By now, you should realise that it’s possible to sell anything you want – beadings, songs, design templates or cattle. Product is what defines you, and your online store should reflect that. Every product can find a way to a buyer, so your only worry should be how to find a niche for your product, how to increase its quality every single day, and how to present it the best way possible.

It’s a sheep? Put a nice collar and make her smile!

Going Global

You think it’s smarter to stick to your store in your town/neighbourhood. Wrong. Even if you live in New York, you still need an online store. Why restraining yourself in any possible way? Every market is too small comparing to the biggest market of all – entire world. It doesn’t even matter where from you’re reading this article, it’s a global thing. Traditional stores will become nothing but showrooms soon, and you don’t want that trend to catch you off guard.

With your own online store that offers quality products, and equally important – quality content, you will never be left behind, no matter where you currently reside. If your product is peculiar in some way, or not easy to find, you have nothing to worry about, most probably your success is guaranteed in advance.

Small vs Big.

If you think that you don’t have enough products for online store – think twice. You can have ONE product only and still make a big deal out of it. Create useful, amusing and quality content for your blog, start exploiting social media and get your business recognised and valuable. Then, everything will start evolving and soon you’ll forget about the time you thought you were small and non competitive.

After all, if you do have that kind of attitude, starting business (online or offline) is a bad idea.

Big brands are killing themselves trying to communicate like a small company with personal touch, while you already have this advantage.

As far as competing with the big ones, well we all know that’s just insane. When it comes to that, there are two things you have to consider. First one would be the fact that small online entrepreneurs would completely vanish years ago following that logic. Human kind would probably never get to this point with that kind of notion towards the world.

We would end up having one brand of car and one brand of yogurt. And we have millions of them, right? Don’t make the fact that someone else is selling same product as you discourage you. Invest everything to your own story, and make it a good one. Big brands are killing themselves trying to communicate like a small company with personal touch, while you already have this advantage.

Another one is – if you do believe that you cannot compete with giants such as Amazon for example, and still you have your small Etsy profile – you might as well give up. Why? Because what you’re saying in that case is – “I cannot compete with big eCommerce stores, so I might as well try and compete with my products presented on a Facebook profile.” Now, that’s how you’ll never win as you’ll entirely depend on their policy towards you and millions of others.

The question really is – would you like for your online store to have more than 52 thousand products? Would you like for your business to be featured in the New York Times? Would you like for your business to be unique, to bring revenue and to grow?

Nice, now start doing something about it — today.

It doesn’t matter whether you are small, everyone started small either way. Remember, David defeated Goliath.

We are not big either, it doesn’t mean we don’t do wonders!

Contact us now and see how we can help you!