The Ultimate Guide to Great Product Photography for Your Online Store


There are so many differences between traditional retail and eCommerce, and photography is just one of them. Read our latest blog post and start creating impeccable product photography for your online store today!

There are so many differences between running traditional and brick and mortar store, that we couldn’t name all of them even if we would try really hard.

Photography is only one of them.

Its importance is marginal when it comes to traditional retail.

Online though, it stops being an option and becomes a priority.

Not being able to touch, smell or try out a particular piece of clothing for example, is one of the main differences.

Meaning – you have to rely on photography.

Online, everything is in the domain of visual.

It means you have to put an extra effort into creating impeccable visuals that will help you position your business firmly in the minds of customers.

Great photography can be your most powerful ally when running eCommerce website.

That is why we summed up what we believe is the best piece of advice on how to create impeccable product photography.

In the very beggining, let’s take a look at some of the shiny examples.

Here is how MAC does it:


Your product is your priority

Forget art for now.

When it comes to your business, you have to be pragmatic.

In the beggining be clear about what you want to achieve.

No matter if you are the one that is going to do it or you will hire a professional.

Formulate all of your demands, wishes and aspirations and write them down if you have to.

It will help you discover the way to present your products in the best way possible.

(Re)think angles, surrounding, colour pallets and what you really wish to achieve.

The only thing you should worry about is whether it will show your product in the best way possible.

Image Resolution

You can probably create great product photography that will be perfectly suitable for your needs at the moment.

But it would be wrong.

You should always produce photos having in mind that they might be useful for another purpose.

Think what is the optimal resolution that will satisfy all your future needs and what are the characteristics that will ensure that it can be used for a billboard/flyer/magazine or any other form, if necessary.

It’s 2016. after all, and it would be a bit of a nonsense to produce photos with poor resolution, especially if we are talking about your business.

Use your mobile phone camera if needed, and try to get the best out of it.

Low resolution photos will not do justice to your product, so make sure you know in advance what kind of equipment do you have at your disposal.

Whatever you do, don’t do it twice and don’t waste your energy.


We mentioned it before: online store does not offer you the possibility to touch or try on a product.

Your buyers will rely on photography. That is why it is highly important not to mislead your potential customers.

Try not to exaggerate with photoshop and be careful about product’s characteristics while editing your photos.

Of course, colour is something that is often opened to different interpretation due to lighting and settings but that is something average online buyer is fully aware of.

And remember – even if you try really hard to cover imperfections on your product, disappointed buyers always have the possibility to return the product in the due date and request for a refund.

Your reputation, however, will be damaged for good.


The best thing that you can do for your store is – display your product on a white, clean background.

However, there are millions of different products you could be selling, so this word of advice should be taken with caution.

For certain products creating perfect surrounding is necessary. And – it can truly do wonders in putting your product in the spotlight and showing the best out of it.

So, think hard – what is it that would complement your product perfectly, and still not take all of the glory or overshadow your product.

This is were you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Think outside of the box.

Sometimes playing with colours or shapes can do wonders in bringing the best out of your product and emphasizing all of his qualities, making it distinctive and authentic.

victorias-secret-product-pageReal life setting

First things first – you should know your target market well.

More than well.

If you are selling clothes, show it on a real model, similar to the above example.

A dress might end up looking all to perfect on a model, but it will surely mean more for a potential buyer than a simple presentation on a hanger for example.

Don’t be afraid to go outdoors and shoot some photos that will be suitable for covers of famous world magazines.

Who knows, maybe you will need it! It is more likely that your customers will get inspired and wish to recreate the entire look ending up with couple of extra articles in their shopping carts.

Is your product tricky to photograph?

Are you selling needles, tea, coffee, thin necklaces, beading or anything similar?

Don’t worry, no matter how tricky it is to make a great photography out of your product, it is still possible.

If you were sceptic, take a look at this great example, get inspired and get going!

Even though your primary goal is to sell, it is great to use photography to make customers feel good.

Brick and mortar already showed us how it’s done properly by creating small art work out of their windows.

Think of your photography as of next level of window shopping.

Tea product photography

Pay attention to details

Depending on what you are selling, think what could be the most useful way to showcase its great quality and details.

Don’t think that photographing seem on a well tailored suit is unnecessary.

Your buyers will definitely appreciate it and they will decide faster to try out your store.

Here’s how great “zoom” option can be:

Close look of the chair

No matter if you choose to go outdoors for this endeavour, to visit expensive photographer’s studio, or create your own corner and do it yourself, make sure you create something that will differentiate you compared to your competitors.

Something that would be amazing just to stare at and browse.

We are all addicted to Pinterest thanks to its incredible imagery, aren’t we?

Create your own authentic, innovative and recognizable style.

And you will be persuaded that great photography can completely ensure your business to be a complete success story!