Talking Design: Find Out What Works Best For Your Online Store


In our latest blog post we talk design! In eCommerce, everything revolves around products, but what will catch your visitor’s attention is the looks, so make sure you don’t neglect it! Here’s our advice.

We talked a lot about the importance of first impression when online.

It takes a second for a buyer to decide and click on a website, and probably less than a second to leave.

It is the fact that made marketers and store administrators refreshing their analytics pages constantly to check for conversion and bounce rates, ultimately discovering that quite often, design was the one to blame.

It is what made them think outside of the box, trying fiercely to come up with something new, exciting and never seen before.

Functionalities are one thing, but the ease of use is something that your customers will appreciate when browsing or shopping on your email store.

And you will appreciate buyers staying on your store and engaging to complete the purchase.

If you are more than sure that you have done everything right when it comes to all of your pages, but you are still facing abandoned carts and high bounce rates, it is probably time to rethink your design!

You already know that your online store has to be proud of its impeccable and professionally executed product photography.

All the nice imagery that you have created has to be completed with clear and concise product information and description, but more than that – it has to be nicely wrapped alongside clear navigation and right colours.

Who are you doing it for?

Before engaging into the whole (re)design venture, you need to ask yourself – who are you doing it for?

You are not supposed to do it for you – quite the opposite, you need to have your potential customers on your mind.

Your target market to be precise.

It goes without saying that you have researched your market and that you now have the exact information about age, gender, location and other specifics about your target consumers.

Are you doing it for millennials or seniors?

The fact that you as a store owner likes stars, beach and purple colour are not even remotely important.

It is all about the buyers.

Finding an answer to this question will give you answers to all of the possible design related questions that you will have throughout this venture.

It will direct you, give you inspiration and it will, in the end, completely wow your customers.

Test. And then test again.

In order to realize what are the elements that need to be improved on your online store or changed and removed completely, you need to know why you are doing it.

If you simply don’t like it, well – that is not the reason.

Sometimes it can prove that something you consider rather inconvenient, ugly or unnecessary, can prove to have a great effect on your customers.

That is why testing is crucial.

Choose whatever testing method you consider relevant.

You have many options at your disposal, and some of them are even free!

You can always rely on Google Analytics to get overview of your buyer’s behaviour and habits.

It will provide you with the best insights ever and you will be able to conclude what are the critical places where visitors usually leave your store, where do they spend most of the time and what are the channels they have used to reach you.

With that, you can always go for amazing heat maps to determine more details – what is it on the page that drives clicks and place your best offers/CTA’s accordingly.

You can do A/B testing. Or..

You can do it altogether.

The results will give you an overview of your buyers behaviour, and that is when you can start with actions and respond to their needs.

You will see notable progress after, that is for sure.

Don’t run away from trends

There are, and always will be so many design trends ruling the world of eCommerce.

You cannot implement all of them, and you shouldn’t even strive for such thing.

The truth is there are some of the trends that are quite catchy, but be careful – make sure you don’t blend in and become simply one of many.

Think outside of the box, be creative and innovative.

Design trends in 2015. showed us that typography is having a massive comeback (did it ever leave?) and that knooling is the next best thing.


There is one more thing you shouldn’t forget.

Even though you believe that your store looks perfect at the moment, always think of possible changes and improvements.

Use online tools to get the idea what those improvements could be, listen to your customers and always test and tweak.

That is the only way to ensure that your customers will love and always come back to your online store and that you will notice increased conversion rates and boosted sales.