No Stock Photos on About Us Page… Please!


It is time to forget this trend. Don’t let your About us page look generic and artificial. Grab a camera and make photos of your colleagues and your team that will show your visitors that you are real and there to help!

No stock photos

Could this be your co-worker sitting in a desk next to you?

Could this be a site you see in your office everyday?

Then why do you make your colleague/team look like no personality individuals glued to a white wallpaper?

It is easy to forget how often we stumble upon stock images and get repelled by the company we stumble upon.

We’re good at spotting stock images, and there is nothing worse than seeing stock photo of people on About us page.

We know they are not the people we’re going to meet and it is easy to make an assumption that there is more things wrong with our potential contact than just a photo.

We often ask ourselves if there is even a company behind it, or do they care.

And for a good reason…

So, why people still use stock photos on their about us page?!

Imagine starting a business.

No one has ever heard about you and let alone the product that you’re trying to promote and sell.

Days/weeks prior to you launching your brand new web site for your new and exiting product, you find yourself creating your About Us page.

It is certain that you have the intention of presenting yourself as innovative, interesting, serious, trustworthy.

So you decide to write couple of generic sentences and put a stock photo to cement the impression of a company.

Well, how to put it — it’s simply wrong.

No matter what your business is, whether you’re selling car parts or designer furniture — what you want is to gain customers.

But not only that, you want to create long term successful collaboration with them, you want them to come back and to become YOUR buyers.

That’s why you do need to look all smart and serious.

But more than that you need to look down to earth, approachable, nice, polite and fun.

That does not mean that humour only should determine your photo, definitely not!

What we’re saying is that you can achieve it all by simply thinking out of the box.

It is enough to capture several photos all around the office.

Let people see your environment, let them connect to you.

Or – hire a professional and let him take agreeable, pleasant and friendly image of your team.

It definitely does not require a lot of effort to take a good photo.

Creating or searching (even worse, we don’t even want to mention it) for a stock photo that will be blend, generic and wrong, (beside it’s cheating) is much more exhausting.

That’s why you should give your About Us some serious attention.

Grab a camera and create image/photo gallery of you and your team that will genuinely tell a story and make your visitors/buyers connect with you on a personal level, and the ones interested for a job — try hard to work in such a team.

Just… forget stock photos.