Start Your Online Store

  • Step 1: Personalisation and Technical Requirements

    Upon contract signing, the future store owner will be assigned an account manager who will see the project through. The account manager will communicate with the customer and gather information about the various aspects of the business from both the design and logic perspective.

    Meeting with the future store owner will help us to better understand the brand and problems that need to be solved, as well as the target audience.

  • Step 2: Black & White Interface Design

    Based on the customer’s requests, a design mockup of the future store and all pages will be created. Mockups are presented in black and white so that the future store owner can focus on the interface and layout instead of colours and fonts.

    This phase takes two weeks. The first week is dedicated to designing the initial layout based on customer’s specifications, after which it is presented to the customer and discussed. The second week, after receiving requests for changes, is dedicated to improving the original layout and fitting it to the customer’s specifications.

  • Step 3: Final Design

    Design mockups are converted into a final design proposal by adding clear lines, colours, fonts and logo. This will allow the customer to fully grasp the idea of how a completed product will look.

    After the first week, the final design will be presented to the customer for a review, customisation and personalisation.

  • Step 4: Delivery of an Online Store

    In this step, developers become dedicated to building an online store based on the design from Step 3 and technical requirements from Step 1. At the end of this process, the finished solution is published on the server, and instructions on how to direct the domain name to our servers are sent to the store owner.

    Furthermore, by setting a solution on an already optimised server, the store owner does not need to worry about infrastructure or performance.