Social Media Marketing For Your Online Store: Pinterest


Pinterest simply imposed as a must when promoting your online store. Its primary purpose is to engage and attract you with its impeccable imagery. That is why it is a great place for you to present your products and attract visitors to your eCommerce store!

Pinterest has become a must!

Endless rows of inspiration, DIY’s, all the categories you can imagine and strong visuals go hand in hand with your online store, whatever your product is.

You have probably thought of how to use it to promote your online store, and you were right.

It can mean so much in terms of visibility for your online store, and that’s why we have summed up couple of advice how to use it properly to promote your online store and benefit from its massive potential.

Man taking pictures
We can hardly compare Pinterest to any other social platform.

It has acquired 100 million users, and proved to be the fastest growing social media platform.

Its continuously growing and evolving – only in 2014.

Pinterest reported a whooping growth, 135 percent outside US!

At the moment, it has millions of users and it is available in 32 languages.

Imagine – your store is available to anyone anywhere and now you have the opportunity to present it in a ever growing platform that rules inspiration, great imagery and lifestyle.

You cannot miss this opportunity, it can certainly bring amazing results for your online store.

What is the secret?

There isn’t one. Everything is pretty simple.

Its enough imagining endless boards where you can post anything of your interest.

You can organise them neatly and share with your numerous followers.

You might as well perceive it as an additional store that you can arrange according to what you truly want to present.

Pinterest users can easily share products from your online store, but only if you offer Pin it button on your product page.

Pin it button on product page

You have probably placed Facebook and Twitter buttons next to your products long time ago.

Now, all you need to do is to add a nice little red button and let your buyers show interest for your products.

It is great, not only that an individual customer/store visitor showed appreciation for what you are offering, but shared it and showed the source to everyone following.

And the crowd is big and really into online shopping on Pinterest.

Retailer’s experience showed that adding Pin it button to product page increased significantly number of orders on their online store.

But not only that, what also increased is store’s visibility and site traffic.

Promoted pins

Of course, when it comes to business users, everything is slightly more complicated.

The essence remains the same – you need to enchant the crowd by offering the best images and try hard to grab their attention.

If you are serious when it comes to your Pinterest strategy and you want to try hard to position your online store in this platform, you cannot miss digging a little deeper.

In the beginning, you have to find out more about promoted pin and its benefits.

One of great advantages of Pinterest compared to others is that, even though it has to allow advertising to generate profit – it does it in a way that is not intrusive.

It is subtle, and what makes it non invasive is the fact that it’s not spammy, and it doesn’t differ from other non sponsored pins in any way or form.

It is similar to what Instagram did when it was decided to allow adds.

The key is to appear and to seem it was by accident.

If you decide to pay in order to create sponsored pins, you have the option to target users precisely.

If you have done well finding the niche for your products, it will be easy to direct your sponsored pin.

You have to have in mind that Pinterest is great because it has loads of users, and your pin/product will have high reach, bigger than the number of those actually following.

That is why, even if you are not eCommerce giant, you need to give the chance to sponsored pins.

Always stay up to date

Of course, you can choose only one social media channel to advert your online store.

Whatever you chose, have in mind that everything is part of your reputation.

Make sure you keep up with holidays, different trends and seasons.

Your pins and your boards have to reflect that. If your online store is done in a professional manner, it has to be up to date at all times.

You cannot let places of your online promotion look outdated and abandoned.

If you wish Pinterest users on your online store, ready to checkout with items in their shopping cart, you have to be innovative, creative and offer quality.

In Pinterest, you are dealing with some tough crowd.


Numbers show that 52% consults Pinterest while buying online.

It all makes sense, since everything that is in their domain of interest, whether it’s kitchen and cooking, or movies and clothes, is already memorised in one of the Pinterest boards.

Small reminder → Click → Checkout.

Just think of this – 83% said that they would rather follow their favourite brand on Pinterest than their favourite band.

Also, statistics says that Pinterest users have far more bigger checkout sum than users from Facebook or Twitter for example.


It’s more than enough simply to mention that one of the most popular brands on Pinterest – Nordstrom, placed famous red pin next to their most pinned products in their traditional store!

How amazing is that?

They completely took things to another level by transferring online world offline.

Last year, Top Shop launched campaign that was directly influenced by Pinterest.

Also, large fashion houses are the first ones that actually introduced pin button to their online stores and made it possible for buyers to follow new products/sales/promotions even when they are not on their website.

They rely on pin and pin says – I want this!

That’s why, you have to invest additional effort and dedicate to promotion on Pinterest.

You have to do everything to ensure success for your online store.

There is not one bad thing related to promoting your store on Pinterest, and if you are completely convinced by now, here’s our advice on how to do it impeccably:

  1. Pinterest was made and its base are impeccable photographs. Cheese cake, silverware, designer dress, it doesn’t really matter what is displayed. You have to ensure that your photographs are high quality ones and that they’re doing justice to your product. Dedicate the same amount of attention to images representing your products, but don’t be afraid to share everything within your scope of interest.
  2. Always pay attention to rich pin. Rich pin contains detailed description of your product. Make sure you tag it the best you can, describe your product in details and ensure its visibility.
  3. Do not pin only your products. You don’t want to spam your customers, you want to get close to them. Share everything that reflects your aesthetics, taste and values of your brand. Your buyers will love it and you will give them additional reason to start following you.
  4. Invest time into creating your name and description of your company. Try to be interesting, personal and to convince potential customers to engage and visit your online store. Be different, leave great impression and try to stand out.
  5. Do not pin all of your products. You want your customers on your online store, and that’s why you should only give them a glimpse of what they will find if they visit your website. Intrigue them to start searching your products.

Pinterest for business

Pinterest can (and should) easily become part of your marketing strategy.

It can significantly increase your profit and conversion rates, but also bigger visibility for your brand.

Lately, it is very significant and it has reached a stage where it is used a sort of a search engine that empowers online shopping, it facilitates the processes and simplifies them.

Now, with buy button, literally anything is possible.

You should stay tuned and follow closely Pinterest announcements, they can do so much for your online store.