ErrorDocument 404


In order to setup custom 404 page, and prevent user from viewing default error page, you can use ErrorDocument 404 in htaccess. Just copy/paste following snippet into your .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404 /pages/errorDocument/error404.php

More about ErrorDocument directive

ErrorDocument directive doesn’t have to be used only for errors 404, and it can do couple of things except from redirecting your visitor. Using ErrorDocument directive, you can redirect users to another website, as well as print custom message to the user.

Example of ErrorDocument syntax:
ErrorDocument error-code some-error-document-file

Here is a snippet with ErrorDocument examples:

ErrorDocument 500
ErrorDocument 404 /pages/errorDocument/error404.php
ErrorDocument 403 "You are forbidden to access this page. How many times should I tell you?"