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Coordinate online marketplaces

Coordinating multiple online marketplaces is one of the most resource-intensive challenges in eCommerce. Many companies come up against their performance limits or fail right from the start due to a lack of specialist expertise. As an established eCommerce agency, marketplace management is one of our core competencies.

Coordinate marketplaces

Better understand your customers and your business

Our in-house tool built for business running on TradeByte are used by some of the largest eCommerce companies in Germany.

Customer statistics


Direct-to-consumer allows you to sell your products directly to the customer through a retailer (a marketplace). As a seller, you decide how, which marketplaces, and the exact price of your products.

80 stores at your fingertips

With one interface you have access to the entire network of over 80 platforms, and with it, you have an unbeatable time-to-market.

Customer's choice

The customer chooses the point of sale – and you decide whether you want to be there, too.

Unbeatable statistics

On which channel is your product bought, and at what price? How do customers react to your change? Is the revenue increasing? What about returns? And more with our analytics integrated directly into TradeByte.

Increased revenue

With our integration through TradeByte, you can achieve the unthinkable, easy. List your products on multiple sales channels and the sales potential through expanded access to millions of customers.

Control. Navigated.

Each marketplace has a different view of acceptable product placement and how photos must look. Is it on the customer or standalone? Is it on a white or gray background? We answer those questions for you so that you can spend time selling.


You will receive proactive care from our reliable and trained Account Managers, that dedicate their support to your success.

Single solution

With TB.One, you reach new target groups. All your content and online channels are managed centrally with a single solution—maximum coverage with maximum simplification of fulfillment processes.


Benefit from our 10+ years of expertise in eCommerce, not only through our IT knowledge.


Do you run a business-to-business operation and need automation to import products from TradeByte and process them automatically? By implementing such a solution, our customers drastically reduce human errors and the cost of maintenance.

Learn about the steps in our

TradeByte integration

Do you own a brand and want to reach out to different target groups by selling your products online?

But you have never done this before and miss know-how?

Let us hold your hand and lead you through the process, and alleviate the pain.

Step 1

Get in touch with us! 😊

Step 2

Tell us about your products, your sales and your fulfilment processes.

Step 3

We estimate the cost, and length of the integration process.

Step 4

We connet your storefront, or your PIM with TradeByte. We get in touch with marketplaces and perform onboarding for the products you have chosen.

Step 5

We thorougly test the integration, make sure that orders are fulfilled by your fulfillment center according to marketplaces requirements.

Step 6

We tune up the volume based on statistics we have gathered, so that your products can perform better.

Step 7

We teach you on how to use our reporting tools, and how to analyze the data.

Step 8

We celebrate. Together. 🎉

Frequently asked questions

What platforms can I sell on?

Through the power of TradeByte, we are able to integrate into 80+ top marketplaces. International and local. Some of them include Zalando, About You, Breuninger, Afound, Otto, Goertz, Decathlon, InterSport, My Toys, Amazon, Babymarkt.

Which countries do serve?

Our customers are mostly from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden, but we can set up your sales chanels in additional countries such as: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, and Ireland.

How long is the onboarding process?

On average, it takes about 12 weeks to implement the full solution. But it may depend on the following. Do you have an online store (Magento, Oxid, WooCommerce, Shopify)? To you have a warehouse to integrate? Do you need to integrate with PIM? Are your photos taken according to the marketplace you wish to be listed on?

It is the best to have a call and do the estimate afterwards.

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