B2B Marketing: Publish on LinkedIn and Prove Your Expertise in eCommerce


You probably already have a profile on LinkedIn, but did you create it back in a day before you became a store owner? If so, you need to invest time in changing your behaviour on this social media platform. You have to start publishing and in our latest blog posts we will give you reasons why. Read more..

Late in 2002, the team was assembled – masterminds of PayPal and SocialNet gathered and the idea was born.

In 2003, LinkedIn was launched, and started growing slowly at first.

It is not until 2005 that it began generating income as features such as jobs and subcriptions appeared. From then on, everything escalated.

Going global happened in 2008. when LinkedIn first opened its offices outside US – now it was present in London and became available in French and Spanish.

Besides going international back in 2008, it took LinkedIn two more years to start growing massively.

Their mission and vision was polished by that time and the growth was imminent – they opened ten offices around the world and reported that they have 90 billion users and thousand employees.

Things dramatically changed in 2013. when LinkedIn published they have gathered 225 billions of subscribers. What a number!

Starting to get a sense of why your business needs to be present on LinkedIn?

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But not just present. You need to engage into creating and publishing relevant content. But, let’s start from the beggining:

Publishing on LinkedIn – Why You Should Do it?

There is a whole number of reasons why you need to start publishing. And a whole lot of benefits, especially if you are into B2B sales.


The answer is simple.

LinkedIn kicked off by being a platform that gathers professionals from all sorts of different fields and industries.

And even when it grew and became more social, this hasn’t changed. It is still a platform where you can learn, improve and help others improve.

Being a platform of entrepreneurs, professionals and influencers from all over the world is what makes it different, and that is one thing you should always have in mind.

It is not Facebook, it is not Twitter, and even with the publishing option – it still is not your, or your company’s blog.

Meaning – you should adapt your content to it.

You can use LinkedIn quite effectively to build your brand’s awareness, show off your expertise in the field, meet and connect with influencers and ensure long term B2B relations that your eCommerce business can enormously benefit in the future.

And publishing your articles can help you achieve that like nothing else.

According to Kissmetrics – “LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads! All the other social media platforms put together only amount to 19.67% of leads!

If those numbers cannot convince you, you should definitely focus on B2C sales.

But, if you are intrigued with this number, here’s more advice on how can you truly benefit from publishing on LinkedIn.

What to publish?

Of course, before you start writing you need to spend some time defining your content.

Forget your blog, it is time for you to create unique content that will help you generate leads and ensure successful partners that will help your eCommerce business grow in the future.

That is why you need to brainstorm your topics wisely and make sure they provide enough space for you to showoff skills and expertise in your field.

You can always post how-to articles, recent experiences (positive or negative), your way to the top, what your business is all about and how do you manage some of its parts, what were your struggles in the past, or give useful advice on any area of expertise you might have.

Make sure you do not concentrate on selling – concentrate on providing insights that could be valuable to your followers.

It will only help you sell in future.

You should try hard to craft your article so that it inspires conversation and interaction.

Publish your article only when you are sure that it gives useful and relevant insight into industry specifics, useful information or your expertise.

LinkedIn users are constantly in search of more knowledge, skills improvement and they are more than willing to spread their circles.

Use that and craft an article that will inspire them and you are own your way to either reach an influential – or become one!

How to publish?

Publishing on LinkedIn is reserved for – LinkedIn Pulse.

You can reach LinkedIn Pulse simply by navigating to Interests and selecting Pulse.

In the top right corner you will see Publish a Post option.

From then on it is simply about writing, polishing your article and hitting Publish button.

And, don’t worry – as long as you create relevant content, you will reach your audience and engage with your followers.

And without any doubt, before you know it, you will create meaningful and fruitful relationships that will help you establish yourself as an entrepreneur, and ensure visibility for your business.

Note that you will have “writing ideas” suggested for you on the left hand side.

It can be a great source of inspiration and make you push your limits when it comes to writing.

Also, make sure you format your article accordingly.

This is where you represent not only yourself as an individual and an expert, but your eCommerce business as well.

It is important to choose proper photo and to make sure its size is at least 700 x 400 pixels wide.

Articles with headlines that have approximately 50 characters are what works best.

You don’t have to be too poetic or try to hard.

LinkedIn is simply not that kind of a platform, and if you start reading, let’s say influencer’s post you will soon realize that some really deep and serious industry topics are readable, fun and written in a non-academic manner.

That is not to suggest that you should not be serious, after all, you are engaging in publishing these posts exclusively because of your business.

But, don’t be surprised if you read articles on specific topics written in direct and casual manner.

You are not restricted by the word count, but have in mind that longer posts that are exploring the topic thoroughly are more likely to drive engagement.

There are even authors claiming that the best performing articles are the ones with 2000 words.

It is up to you to choose your style, the most important thing is to kick it off with a compelling headline and give answers to industry related topics.

Make sure your company page is top-notch

Of course, it goes without saying that all of your social media accounts should be up to date at all times.

Same goes for LinkedIn, only with couple of more additional things you need to look out for.

You have a great opportunity to make your company page shine and generate leads.

StuntCoders LinkedIn Page

Make sure you nail that long description so that people can know what you are all about right away.

Structure your page in a way that will drive attention and make people curious.

Use authentic imagery that represents your company and let everyone know in a clear and concise way what your business is all about.

If you wish to increase your CTR, make sure you don’t forget to include your web address.

This is where you ultimately want your future associates to end up.

You can easily emphasise your specialities and industry and create a showcase page that will show everyone how is it that you really do your business.

It can be a powerful way to let them know that you are professional, on time and that you can be trusted.

Publishing benefits

Benefits for your business could be so great, that you might as well stay shocked after you realise what happened to your eCommerce business.

That is why you should never underestimate the power of LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

It can help you a lot in terms of B2B marketing, leads and brand visibility.

Make sure you join relevant groups and engage in conversation as well as follow influencers and what they are publishing.

That is the only way that publishing on LinkedIn can truly be beneficial for your eCommerce business, help you find new prospects and ultimately, win in B2B marketing.

After all, not all 1 million writers are doing it for nothing!