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How to set up catalog price rule in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Promotions→Catalog Price Rule
  2. On top right click "Add New Rule"
  3. Fill in: Rule Information/Conditions/Actions
  4. Click "Save and Apply" button

Catalog price rule is another one of Magento’s options proven to be extremely useful for both store owners and customers.

Essentially, it allows you to create all sorts of promotions on your online store, manage prices and discounts, and all of that by setting up a set of rules that your customers/associates need to fulfill.

You can set the dates when the promotion will start and end, and to which particular customer group it will apply while active.

Let’s go step by step and begin by logging in to Magento Admin Panel, navigating to Promotions and choosing Catalog Price Rule (see the screenshot below).

Catalog price rule menu item in Magento
New screen will give you an overview of previously created rules, or the ones that came by default with Magento installation, but you should focus on locating orange Add New Rule button in the upper right part of the screen.

Click on it and you can start entering all the information that will determine your rule.

Catalog rule general information

We wanted to create furniture sale that would be active throughout entire month of July and it would apply to all of the customer groups.

We started by entering name of our rule – Big Panda Furniture Sale, adding a short description to introduce customers to what it is all about, chose active from the dropdown menu, and determined the dates from and to when the rule will apply by clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the right dates.

If you are done setting up general information about your rule, move on by choosing Conditions item from the menu on your left hand side.

It’s time to set up conditions that our store’s visitors will have to fulfill in order to obtain our $25 discount.

As always, first you should determine (or simply leave blank to apply the rule on all of the products) what is the condition that needs to be achieved.

Click on green radio button and a dropdown menu will appear.

Now, go ahead and choose your rule (see the screenshot).

Add new catalog price rule in Magento

We chose that the discount will apply if the customer purchases an item from a particular category.

Next, we had to determine which category that was, which we did by clicking on three dots (…). 

Now, click on the icon and you will see all of your categories.

Choose category by simply marking the checkbox next to it. Of course you can mark multiple categories (take a closer look at the screenshot below).

Determining catalog price rule

Note that you have an option to add several rules.

You can do so by clicking on the green radio button as many times as you need the rules to be applied.

Moving on, you should click on Action tab located in the menu on your left hand side.

We need to set up which action will actually happen when the customer fulfills the conditions that we have previously set up.

Open the dropdown menu and choose what kind of discount you will give to your customers.

Here is how it looks:

Action tab in Magento

We gave fixed amount discount to our buyers, determined that the discount amount will be $25 and moved on to saving and applying our rule.

You can do that by clicking on Save and Apply orange button located in the upper right part of the page.

Success page will show up to inform you that your rule has been created and applied, and now all you have to do is reindex your data in order to make everything work flawlessly and, of course, prepare for a storm of buyers!