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How to create coupon code in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Promotions→Shopping Cart Price Rules
  2. On top right click "Add New Rule"
  3. Fill in: Rule Information/Conditions/Actions/Lables
  4. Click "Save" button

Coupon code is a wonderful way to attract more buyers, to say thank you or happy birthday to your customers or simply reward them for being loyal to you and your store.

That’s why in this tutorial we’ll show you how to generate a coupon code.

We will, as always start from Admin Panel and choose Promotions from the main menu and then choose Shopping Cart Price Rules menu item.

Setting up shopping cart price rule in Magento

We will see an overview of all the rules that we have previously created, but for now, just focus on orange button in the upper right part of the screen that says Add New Rule. (see the screenshot)

Adding new shopping cart rule in Magento

Firstly, we need to create a new rule. That will help us determine which shopping carts are eligible to obtain coupon code.

That’s why we will go ahead now and set up our rule. Click on Add New Rule button, and you will see a new screen where you can start configuring.

Look carefully menu on your left hand side and start from the beginning – by entering General Information.

Here’s the visual to help you:

Generating coupon code in Magento Admin Panel

First, add a name for your rule. We decided that we wan to give our customers free shipping for orders larger than 300USD.

We named our rule Free shipping and entered description that explains it in more detail.

Then, we determined that customers from Main Website will be able to use this coupon code and we also marked customer groups that will be eligible to use it.

We have set up status to be active, as should you, if you want you coupon code to be usable.

You can do that by simply choosing Active from the dropdown menu.

Also, note that you can add a date to determine when buyers can start using the coupon code (when will the rule start applying) and what will be coupon expiration date.

You can choose the dates by simply clicking on calendar icon and choosing start and end date.

Scroll down and determine whether your coupon will be automatically generated or you want it to have some specific value.

If you want the code to be generated automatically, simply mark the checkbox.

We chose to add the code for our coupon and named it ShippingFreeOver300.

And, in the end, a very important thing – how many uses per customer will you allow for your coupon.

You don’t want to over do it, so be careful when setting up this field.

How to generate coupon code in Magento Admin Panel

Note that marking checkbox Use Auto Generation, will make Magento automatically generate coupon that will appear in a form of random combination of numbers and letters.

It is an option that can be useful if you are sending different coupon codes (for the same promotion) to everyone in your mailing list, for example.

Otherwise, you should choose to leave it unmarked.

Now, choose Conditions menu item from the left hand side menu.

This is where we will determine and apply our rule.

We want to show you how to configure rule that will give free shipping to our customers with shopping cart subtotal that is over $300.

We clicked on “+” radio button and a dropdown menu with options to choose from appeared.

You will see that you can set up different conditions and even a combination of rules.

You can add multiple rules by clicking green plus button for as many times as you need rules, and choosing them from the dropdown menu.

Take a look:

Setting up conditions

Next, you need to click on three dots (…) and enter your amount. (see the screenshot)

Adding conditions to the rule

Choose Actions from the menu on the left hand side.

Actions tab

Decide how will your discount apply (i.e. buy X get Y for free, percent of product price discount etc.) from the dropdown menu, and at this point make sure you click to open the dropdown menu next to the Free Shipping item.

Choose For shipment with matching items.

Next, locate orange Save button in the upper right corner of the page and save your shopping cart price rule.

You’re all set to return love and show appreciation to your customers!