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How to search for a product in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Catalog→ Manage Products
  2. Search for the product by entering ID/Name/SKU Number
  3. Click "Search"

The topic of this tutorial will be finding a product from the Magento Admin Panel.

We will explain the process of finding a product that you might need and use on a daily basis.

Start by logging in, navigate to Catalog and then click on Manage Products menu item (see the screenshot).

Magento main menu

There are several options that you can use to find a product in Magento.

We will start by showing you how to find a product by using the product ID.

It is located on the right side.

You simply need to type in the ID of the product that you want to search for and enter the same value into the From and To field.

And that’s it, your product will be listed right after you click Search.

Take a look at the screenshot:Searching product in MagentoNow, let’s say that you don’t know what your product ID is, but you know the name of your product, or at least one part of the name.

We typed in only one part of the name in this tutorial, clicked Search and here is the result:

Search product by name in Magento
Next, we will show you how to find a product using the SKU number.

Just enter your SKU number into the field and again, click Search to list your product.

Note that you have to remove the previous search query in order to search by different criteria and get the result.

See the screenshot:

Searching product by sku number

And that’s it!

Now you will never have to worry how to find your products – we are sure that at least one of these three search options will be more than useful for you to get a hold of your product!

Good luck!