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How to manage sales email addresses in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under "Sales" choose Sales Emails
  3. Fill in: Order/Order Comments/Invoice/Invoice Comments/Shipment/Shipment Comments/Credit Memo/Credit Memo Comments
  4. Click "Save Config" button

We don’t even have to mention that an order process is beyond crucial to your store, and as such, everything that has to do with communicating something to your customers, has to be impeccable.

Magento comes with preconfigured store contacts and it is recommended to customize them according to your needs since you will wish to send various types of emails to your customers. Therefore, follow these instructions and go ahead and set up those emails.

We will start from Admin Panel, so navigate to System, choose Configuration and choose Sales Emails from Sales section in the left-hand side menu, as seen in the screenshot below:

How to configure Magento sales email addresses

You will see that you have the option to set  up:

  • Order and Order comments
  • Invoice and Invoice comments
  • Shipping and Shipment comments
  • Credit memo and Credit memo comments

Let’s start from the beginning – we will choose Order first and click.

You will see that the first thing you should decide is whether you will enable or disable your order emails.

Click to open dropdown menu and choose Yes in order to enable them.

How to manage sales email addresses

Next, choose who will send your new order confirmation emails.

We chose our Sales Representative, but you can set up different senders.

You can choose your sender from the dropdown menu.

Next, you should determine which confirmation template you will use.

Now, move to Order comments.

Setting up this section will allow you to enable or disable notifications or comments, assuming you have added them to your orders.

You can also set up who will send order confirmations and which email templates will be used.

By completing Bcc or a Separate email field (that we have skipped in our tutorial), you can set up will Magento send copy mail.

Move on to Invoice and Invoice Comments section, as seen in the screenshot below:

How to manage sales email addresses
Continue with setting up Shipment and Shipment comments, as well as Credit memo and Credit memo comments.

Remember, the procedure will remain the same, that is, you will have to repeat the process and choose who will be the sender of your credit memo or invoice, for example, choose the template and whether or not you will allow commenting.

Once you’re happy with how everything looks like simply Save Config by clicking on the orange button in the upper-right part of the page.

Well done, now start selling and emailing!