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How to invoice an order in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Sales→Orders
  2. View order
  3. In top right corner click "Invoice"

This tutorial will show you how to invoice an order created in Magento.

Upon entering your credentials you will be logged in to Magento Admin Panel, which will be our starting point for every tutorial from the Magento Orders series.

From there navigate to Sales and a dropdown menu will appear, from which you should choose Orders.

Next, you will see a sorted list of all of your orders.

You will see order number, when and where the purchase took place, billing and shipping address, total price of the order and its status.

Note that if the order status is pending, it means that you didn’t send an invoice yet, so you should click on the View link on the right in order to inspect the order and create an invoice.

At this point, you can see the order in more detail (screenshot: Magento Order Overview), as well as account information, billing and shipping address, payment information, items that were purchased and total due.

If you pay closer attention to the upper right corner you will see an Invoice button, together with Edit, Cancel, Send Email, Hold and Ship button (click on the screenshot for a better overview).

Billing address

Invoicing an order in Magento is easy.

You just need to click on the Invoice button (in the top right corner) to start creating an invoice for the order.

3. How to invoice an order
A new window will once again show you detailed information about the order and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see Submit Invoice button (see the screenshot).

4. How to invoice an order

Once you have issued the invoice, a new screen will show up and inform you that your order has been successfully invoiced to your customer.