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How to create a new order in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Sales→Orders
  2. Create New Order
  3. Find and Add Products
  4. Submit Order

Some stores — even though they are doing business online, take their orders via phone or email.

This requires manual work to be done and usually it is performed by the store owner, either from Magento theme or Magento Admin Panel.

This tutorial shows how to create an order from Magento Admin Panel and once again, that will be our starting point for this tutorial.

All you have to do is log in, navigate to Sales and choose Orders from the menu.

How to invoice Magento order

To create a new order from this screen, you can click on the orange button that says Create New Order (see the screenshot below).

How to create an order in Magento Admin Panel

A new screen will appear and you will see all of the previously created orders, customer’s name, email address, zip code and country.

Magento offers you an option to either create a new customer and a completely new order or to create a new order for an existing customer.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we decided to create a new customer.

You can do so by clicking on the orange button in the top right corner of the page – Create New Customer (picture below).

Create new customer button
Next, you should choose a store for the customer (Magento offers support for multiple stores in order to support different pricing models, currencies, and language), and that is why at this point, we have an option to choose in which store we will place our customer.

Select a store for customer

We have chosen Main Store and English and that led us to a screen (see the screenshot) where we can actually start creating a customer and, later on, his/her order.

Now, we can start with adding details about our customer.

Firstly, we need to add products that the customer wants to purchase from our store.

We can do that by clicking the orange button that says Add Products in the upper right corner of the screen.

Add product to order button

We will see a list of our products.

What we need to do is to find products that we want to add to a customer’s shopping cart and there are different ways for us to do that in Magento.

We can search products by their ID number, we can find them if we know product name or part of the name.

Also, if you are familiar with product’s Stock Keeping Unit number (SKU) we can just type it into the SKU field and click Search.

Once the products are listed, note that you can see their name, SKU number, price and, in the end, a checkbox.

You should mark the ones that you want to add to your customer’s order.

You can also do a multiple selection, if you have listed all the products that you need.

Select products to add to order
You should note that after checkbox you have to Add Quantity button.

Of course, if you have selected multiple products, you can add different values for each product.

Upon checking the boxes and adding the quantity you should note Add Selected Product(s) to Order button in the upper-right part of the screen and confirm adding products by clicking this button.

Next thing that we will see is the list of all the products that you have marked, their price and quantity.

Note that at this point, you can still change the quantity, opt for the custom price by marking the checkbox or add a special discount.

When you are done editing the order (if there is a need to edit the items in the first place) you can go ahead and click Update Items and Qty’s button.

Next, you have an option to enter the coupon code if you have generated one previously.

When done, you can move on, and add all the customer information that you need to complete the order.

You should start by associating customer to a customer group.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we added this customer to a General customer group and continued with adding billing and shipping address.

Billing address
Before you start entering billing and shipping address, please notice that they can be different in Magento.

Also, notice a small check box on the right-hand side, where information about shipping address are meant to be.

If you click on it, everything that you write on the left-hand side will automatically fill in the tabs on the right side.


If you have different addresses just leave the checkbox empty and do the dull work of filling out both addresses.

Assuming you would like to save the information about the customer, we would advise marking the checkbox Save to address book. 

Then, you should choose which payment method will be used for this order, and in our case, we will choose Credit card by marking the checkbox next to the desired payment method.

We are almost there.

After setting up payment options, you should notice the orange button in the bottom of the page that says Submit Order.

Click on it to generate the order for this customer.

Submit order buttonNow that you are done, you can brew yourself a nice cup of coffee.

Good work!