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How to configure sales email options in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under "General" choose Store Email Addresses
  3. Fill in: General Contact/Sales Representative/Customer Support/Custom Emails
  4. Click "Save Config" button

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to set up different sales addresses within Magento Admin Panel.

Obviously, online store owners will have to communicate with their associates and customers and, for that purpose, they will need different email addresses.

Setting them up in Magento is not difficult.

As always, we should start from Magento Admin Panel, navigate to System and choose menu item Configuration.

Configuration menu item in Magento
The configuration allows you to set up everything related to general settings, catalog, customers, and sales.
You need to pay special attention to the left sidebar and choose Store Email Addresses under section General.

This is how it looks:

Configuring sales email addresses

First, set up General Contact information.

You will need to set up Sender Name and Sender Email for each and every one of the representatives.

This is the contact information that will be often used, so you might want to change default settings to real person’s name and email so that your customers can easily reach you.

For this tutorial we chose to set up our addresses like this:

How to configure Magento sales email options

Then, you can go ahead and change all of the email addresses that you will use on our store and in the end create a customized one (take a look at the screenshot):

How to configure Magento sales email options

Once you are done adding and customizing email addresses, go to the upper part of the page and you will see Save Config button.

Save config button

Click on it to confirm your changes and you will see a success page that will confirm that the configuration has been saved.

And you’re done!