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How to edit newsletter in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Newsletter→Manage Newsletters
  2. Search for a template
  3. Edit Template Content
  4. Click "Save Template" button

We previously showed you how to create newsletters for your store and the following tutorial will show you how to edit them.

It’s super easy and all you have to do is log in to your Admin Panel, like always, and follow these steps: navigate to the main menu, click on Newsletter and then choose Newsletter Templates menu item.

In case you have created newsletter templates before, you might want to find the one you wish to edit.

You can do so by entering template name, subject, sender or type of template and click Search.

Once you clicked, you will see this screen (take a look at the screenshot) that will allow you to adjust the template you created and to precisely set it up as you envisioned it.

You can change styles, font family and size, cut and paste, add and edit table.

Also, you have the option to insert special characters, change colors and add embedded media.

It’s possible to add multiple images, position them the way you want and insert bullets.

Basically everything you need to create an amazing newsletter!
How to edit newsletter in Magento

Once it looks just like you imagined, scroll up and click on the orange button in the upper right corner of the screen that says Save Template. 

Editing newsletters has never been easier, now go ahead, fill them with good news from your store, and send them to your amazing customers!