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How to register new customer from frontend in Magento

  1. From Homepage go to→ LOGIN
  2. Choose "Create an Account"
  3. Fill in: Personal Information
  4. Click "Submit" button

We will start this tutorial on our store’s front end, in order to show you the entire registration process.

As we mentioned and showed in one of the previous tutorials, there is an option given to you as an Administrator to create a new customer from Admin Panel.

There is also, of course, the good old way for your customers to register from the front end, and this tutorial shows that process from the very beginning, as seen in the screenshots below:

Store's home page

The first thing you should notice is upper right part of the page, where you have the following options: Cart and Login.

You should click on Login link in order to start registering as a customer.

Upon clicking, you will have the option to Create an account.

See the screenshot below:

Creating new customer account
Now, enter information such as First and Last name and Email address.

At this point, as a customer, you have an option to subscribe to the newsletter (during the registration process) by marking the checkbox.

As always, fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory, and you cannot leave them empty.

Next, you will have to enter your Login information, i.e. to choose and confirm your password.

This is how the entire screen looks like after you have entered all of the necessary information.

Of course, to finish, click Submit orange button which you will find in the down right part of the screen.

Creating user account
This will give you an insight into your Dashboard.

The left-hand menu gives you the option to go through your orders, tags, wish list, to manage your account and to see all of your product reviews.

Once you’re logged in you can easily change your billing and shipping address, subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter and so on.

Take a look:

Customers dashboard

And that is it, you are done registering as a new customer! Good job!