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How to put customers into specific customer groups in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Customers→Manage Customers
  2. Under Customer Information choose "Account Information"
  3. Choose Customer Group from the dropdown menu
  4. Click "Save Customer" button

Managing customer groups in Magento can make things easier when it comes to your customers and different conditions and price models that you want for them.

After explaining how to create customer group in the previous tutorial, we will show you how to add customers to certain customer groups.

Starting point is Admin Panel, from where you should navigate to Customers.

Next, choose Manage Customers menu item.

You should see this at that point:

How to register new customer from Magento Admin Panel

You will see all of your customers listed. Of course, if you have too many customers, try finding a specific one if you know their email, country or zip code.

Click on customer’s name or Edit button located on the right side and you will see the new screen with information regarding that particular customer.

Choose Account Information from the menu on the left side and click on the Customer Group tab.

Dropdown menu will appear, and you will be given an option to select preferred customer group.

We opted for Retailer.

Take a look:

How to put customers into a specific customer group

Aaaand you’re all set, just click Save Customer orange button in the upper-right part of the page and declare your success to the world!