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How to edit existing customer in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Customers→Manage Customers
  2. Search for a customer
  3. Edit Customer Information
  4. Click "Save Customer" button

Magento offers you to edit account information that you have previously entered for your customers, or that customers entered upon signing in.

It’s easy and you can do so by navigating to Customers and then choosing menu item Manage Customers.

How to register new customer from Magento Admin Panel
Next screen will show you an overview of all your customers and all you have to do is click View link to change account information for a specific customer:

How to edit new customer from Magento Admin Panel
Click on the View button located on the left side, or simply click on the name of the customer whose information you want to edit.

A new screen will offer editing options.

Notice at this point orange buttons in the upper right side of the page.

You have chosen to edit an existing customer so Magento offers you a possibility to Create new order for that customer.

It also offers you to Delete and Save the customer.

But we will skip that for now since it exceeds the scope of this tutorial and get back to it later.

At this point, we have the option to edit all information regarding our customer – website association, customer group, name and last name, date of birth, newsletter subscription etc.

For this tutorial, we chose to edit customer’s customer group.

We changed it from “Collaboration” to “Wholesale”.

Also, we edited customer’s name by adding the prefix to it.

Here is how it looks:

How to edit customer in Magento
We changed newsletter preferences for our customer as well, as we chose to subscribe our customer to the newsletter.

We did so by choosing Newsletter menu item from the left-hand side menu and marked the checkbox (see the screenshot below for better understanding).

How to edit Magento customer
We went trough the whole menu to check if there were any other items that we could edit and, when we were satisfied with our customer’s account, we saved it by clicking Save Customer orange button (see the screenshot).

How to edit customer in Magento Admin Panel
Editing account information is easy, just make sure you double check everything (as always) and save it properly after making changes!