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How to turn payment methods on and off in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under Sales choose "Payment Methods"
  3. Add payment methods
  4. Click on "Save Config" button

You probably know already that Magento allows you to set up different payment methods – check and money order, PayPal, all sorts of credit cards and much more.

Turning payment methods on and off in Magento is easy, all you have to do is log in to your Admin Panel and follow the steps from our tutorial.

Let’s begin by navigating to System and clicking on Configuration.

Configuration menu item in Magento

Click on Configuration and next, from the left-hand side choose Payment Methods under Sales.

Setting up payment methods
First, we will click on Saved CC and determine Credit Card settings.

We need to choose whether we want it enabled or disabled.

We chose Enabled, left Credit Card as a title and moved on to choosing which credit card types we will allow as a payment method on our store.

Same as always, to choose allowed credit card types, use Ctrl+Click, or hold the mouse button and drag to select.

Next, we marked that it is needed to request credit card security code and chose applicable countries.

Setting up credit card payment option in Magento

Next, we will determine other payment options.

Click on Check/Money order, enable it, and repeat the process.

Setting up check money order payment in Magento

Add applicable countries and move on to setting other payment methods.

Do the same for Bank Transfer Payment, or any other payment method that you want to provide for your customers, and make sure you save your settings once you’re satisfied with how everything looks.

That means finding orange Save Config button in the upper right corner of the page and saving your configuration.

And you’re done!