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How to set up shipping methods in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under Sales, choose Shipping Methods
  3. Add shipping information
  4. Click "Save Config" button

Ah, shipping! As far as your customers are concerned, everything comes to this.

Naturally, you want to make sure that after you’ve done everything to create your products and set them up properly after you added product information, nice images, related products and/or associated products, you can now deliver your products to customers in the most efficient and secure way.

In order to do that, you have to start in Magento Admin Panel and define every method that you will use to ship your products to your customers.

Let’s start this tutorial by clicking on System and choosing Configuration menu item. (see the screenshot below)

Configuration menu item in Magento

When the next screen appears, notice left-hand side menu and scroll down to find Shipping Methods menu item. Click on it, and this is what you will see:

Shipping methods menu item

Next, choose Free Shipping and start configuring your shipping method. (see the screenshot below)

Setting up shipping methods in Magento

So, start from the top and click to see the dropdown menu. Choose Yes in order to enable your free shipping.

Name it and determine the minimum order amount for free shipping that will be applied.

Change error message if you prefer and now the most important bit – add countries that will be eligible for free shipping.

Note that if you leave the field Ship to Applicable countries marked to All Allowed Countries, you will not be able to choose anymore from Specific Countries menu.

But, if you choose Specific countries, you will be able to choose countries eligible for free shipping by holding Ctrl and clicking to mark a country.

Take a look:

Shipping for specific countries

Now click Save Config button located in the upper-right part of the page to save your preferred setting.

And ship!