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How to set up shipping in Magento using XLS

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under Sales, choose Shipping methods
  3. Under Shipping Methods choose "Table Rates"
  4. Add shipping information
  5. Change Configuration scope
  6. Click on Export CSV orange button, Fill in the sheet/Upload
  7. Click on "Save Config" button

It’s time to see how to set up shipping rates for our products that will be visible to our customers on the front end.

You should log in to your Admin Panel and navigate to System and choose Configuration menu item.

See the screenshot below:

Configuration menu item in Magento

Next, from the left-hand side menu, choose Shipping Methods and click. You will then see a screen that will allow you to configure your shipping methods. Then, navigate to Table Rates. You can now start determining the prerequisites for your shipping.

Make sure you enable it by marking Yes, add a proper title and name the Method. Next, from the dropdown menu choose a Condition.

We chose that our shipping cost will be conditioned by weight of the product and the destination that we are sending our product to. Take a look:

Setting up shipping methods in Magento

Next, we chose to leave Displayed Error Message as it is and moved on to determining the countries that we would be able to send our products to.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we chose to mark All Allowed Countries from the dropdown menu next to Ship to Applicable Countries field.

At this point, you should pay close attention since what you need to do next is to scroll up and choose Configuration Scope for our settings.

See the screenshot below:

Configuration scope

We chose to mark Main Website.

Note that you could do this in the very beginning, but we opted to set up everything first and then show what changes would Configuration Scope bring.

Now you can see that new fields appear and our screen looks like this:
Export CSV Magento

We have a new field now so what we need to do is click on the orange button named Export CSV to download the sheet automatically.

Open Table Rates sheet and you will see that you need to fill it with the following information: Country, Region/State, Zip/Postal Code, Weight and Shipping Price. (see the screenshot)

Shipping table rates

Go ahead and enter all the information.

As you can see, the first column will determine to which country this particular shipping rate applies, the second column will determine the region within the country that was chosen, then you have to enter zip or postal code, weight and then finally determine and write down the shipping price.

Note that if you have added one price for one country and you want it to apply no matter what is the region you are shipping to, just enter the name of the country and the region, and enter a star [*] into zip column.

Once you’re done, click Choose file button and upload the document from your computer.

Your document is supposed to look somewhat like this:
Shipping rates table

And you’re almost done!

Click Save Config button in the upper-right part of the screen to save all of your settings.

You’re all set!