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How to set up nice URLs in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under Catalog choose "Catalog"
  3. Click "Search Engine Optimisation"
  4. Fill in the fields
  5. Click "Save Config" button

We all know that Magento is one of the most friendly search engine eCommerce platforms out there.

However, you will have to do some adjustments in order to set up everything properly.

In order to set up SEO friendly URLs in Magento, you have to log in to your Admin Panel and navigate to System and choose Configuration.

Configuration menu item in Magento

From here you need to choose Catalog from the left-hand side menu.

This is where you’re going to set up proper URLs for your store.

Take a look at the screenshot:

Setting up nice URLs in Magento

Then, make sure you activate Autogenerated Site Map field by choosing Enable from the dropdown menu.

By choosing Yes, you actually determine whether Magento sitemap will be implemented in the store or not.

Note that if you enable it, it will appear as a part of your store’s footer.

Also, it’s a good practice to enable Popular Search Terms as well.

We skipped Product URL Suffix and Category URL Suffix and moved straight to the next field where we had to set up categories path for product URLs.

We chose Yes from the dropdown menu and also opted for Yes when it came to choosing whether we wanted to create the permanent redirect for URLs if URL key was to change.

It means that we do want for the permanent redirect to be created in case URL is changed.

We added “-”  for the Page title separator and identified the character that would be seen in the title bar of the browser and that would, basically, separate category and subcategory name.

We also marked use canonical meta tag for both – products and categories.

What canonical meta tag does is determining which category page will be indexed by search engines, in case there are multiple URLs that lead to the same category page.

When you are satisfied with how everything appears, simply click Save Config button in the upper right corner of the screen to save our changes!