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How to set up flat rate shipping in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Configuration
  2. Under Sales choose "Shipping Methods"
  3. Under Shipping methods choose "Flat Rate"
  4. Fill in information about flat rate shipping
  5. Click "Save Config" button

It’s time to show how to configure flat rate shipping!

As always, your starting point should be log in into Admin Panel and navigating or System and choosing Configuration menu item.

(see the screenshot below)

Configuration menu item in Magento

When the next screen appears, scroll down and choose Shipping Methods, located under Sales.

Next, choose Flat Rate and start determining conditions for your flat rate shipping by Enabling it, adding the title and choosing method name.

Next, you have to determine a very important option – whether your flat rate shipping will apply to the whole order, or it will only apply to a specific item from the cart.

We chose that our flat rate shipping will apply to the whole order and next, we determined the price (flat rate amount).

Also, it’s important to set up how the handling fee will be calculated, i.e. whether it will be fixed or percentage.

We decided to leave Error message as it is and chose countries where Flat rate shipping will be applied.

We showed how to choose specific countries, and in the end opted to apply it to All applicable countries.

This is how everything looks like in the end:

Setting up flat rate shipping in Magento

All you have to do now is locate orange Save Config button in the upper-right part of the screen and save all of your settings.

And of course, start sending packages to your devoted customers!

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