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How to manage indexing in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Index Management
  2. Select indexes
  3. From the dropdown menu choose "Reindex Data"
  4. Click "Submit" button

In order to make your Magento store run properly and changes you performed in Admin Panel visible on the front end, you will have to Reindex data.

What Magento does is indexing data in order to obtain fast access to it.

That means that whenever you make changes in your store, for example, update your products, you will need to reindex data in order to show your changes and updates on your store’s front end.

So, basically, we can say that indexing is a way for Magento to transform data such as categories, products, attributes, etc., in order to make everything on your store run smoother and faster.

There are two ways to reindex your data from Admin Panel.

Firstly, you can simply follow the link in the notification bar that says Index Management and do it from there.

The second way is the one that you can see in our tutorial, which requires from you to navigate to System and click on Index Management. (you can see the screenshot below for better understanding)

Indexing in Magento

Next, you will see all that needs to be reindexed – all the fields marked with red color need to be reindexed.

In case you need to reindex only a few fields, mark the checkbox next to the index you need to update.

If you have to reindex all of them, like in our case, simply mark Select All. (see the screenshot)

What you need to do is to open dropdown menu next to the Actions tab and choose Reindex Data.

Then simply, click Submit orange button located on the right side.

Managing indexing in Magento

You will see a notification confirming that reindexing was successful and your store is ready to do wonders again!

Well done!

Reindexing in Magento