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How to generate sitemap in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Catalog→Google Sitemap
  2. Fill in Filename/Path/Store view
  3. On top right click "Save and Generate"

OK, it’s time to let search engines know that your store is up and running!

Generating sitemap is used to inform search engines about your site’s pages.

Note that Magento mentions sitemap as Google Sitemap but they are also supported by other search engines.

You should also know that Magento comes with a built in function that allows you to generate the sitemap in XML format and contains URLs for your category pages, products and CMS pages.

They will also make your site user-friendly and easy for the customer to browse.

In order to set up a Google sitemap in Magento, start from your Admin Panel, navigate to Catalog and choose Google Sitemap.

Here’s a screenshot for better understanding:

Generating sitemap in Magento

Next, locate and click on the orange button in the upper right corner of the page that says Add Sitemap.

Add Sitemap button in Magento

Start creating sitemap like shown in the screenshot above –  for Filename add sitemap.xml and for Path enter root – “/”.

Next, choose Store view from the dropdown menu.

Note: If you are running multiple stores from one Magento installation, you have a possibility to separate your sitemaps and generate a different one for each store view.

Generating sitemap in Magento

Once you’re done, locate the orange button in the upper right corner that says Save and Generate to finish creating your sitemap.

Next, success page will show up together with a notification informing you that your sitemap has been generated and saved.

Well done, now go and show off!