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How to create new admin user in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Permissions→Users
  2. Select "Root" category
  3. On top right click "Add New User"
  4. Fill in account information
  5. Click on "Save User" button

Magento offers setting up different user roles in Admin Panel that will determine different access levels.

Note that you will have automatically created administrator upon installing Magento.

But, besides that, you can add more user roles and give them permissions to access Admin Panel and make changes.

Of course, you can limit permissions and create different ones depending on the administrator, but that is a topic concerning roles, which exceeds, for now, the scope of this tutorial.

That is why, for now, we will focus on creating Admin User.

Log in to your Admin Panel, navigate to System and and click on Users under Permissions.

Permissions in Magento

Next page will give you an option to navigate to upper right corner and click Add New User orange button. (see the screenshot)

Adding new administrator in Magento

Clicking Add New User orange button will open a new screen where you can add all of the necessary user information.

First, set up a user name, then first and last name and email. Add password to your administrator and confirm it.

Make sure that you open dropdown menu and mark this particular user as Active.

Adding new admin user in Magento

Choose User Role from the menu on your left-hand side and mark radio button to finish up with giving the administrator role.

It’s simple, and it looks like this:

Choosing user role in Magento

In the end, as always, simply locate Save User orange button and you’re all set and ready to manage the store!