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How to manage attribute sets and create a new configurable product in Magento

To add a new attribute in Magento:
  1. From Magento Admin panel to Catalog→Attributes
  2. Select Manage Attributes
  3. In the top right corner click "Add New Attribute"
  4. Fill in: Attribute Code/Scope/Catalog Input Type for Store Owner/Apply To/Comparable on Front-end/Use In Layered Navigation
  5. Choose Manage Label/Options from the left hand menu
  6. Name your Attribute
  7. Click the Add Option orange button and add values
  8. Click the Save Attribute orange button
To add a new attribute set:
  1. Navigate to Catalog and Choose Manage Attribute Sets
  2. Click on the Add New Set orange button
  3. Choose Manage Label/Options from the left hand menu
  4. Enter the name of your set and choose what it will be based upon
  5. Click the Save Attribute Set orange button
  6. Choose Manage Label/Options from the left hand menu
  7. Add a name for your set
  8. Click the Add New Group orange button
  9. Drag and drop any unassigned new attributes to the newly created group
  10. Choose Manage Label/Options from the left hand menu
  11. Click on the Save Attribute Set orange button
To start creating a new configurable product:
  1. Navigate to Catalog and choose Manage Products
  2. Click the Add New Product orange button
  3. Choose an Attribute Set
  4. Choose the Product type and click on the Continue orange button
  5. Fill in the Product Information
  6. Choose Associated products
  7. Click the Create Empty orange button
  8. Create a New Simple Product
  9. Click the Save orange button

Magento offers several different product types – simple and configurable, downloadable, bundle and grouped products.

In today’s tutorial, we will show you how to create a configurable product in the Magento Admin panel.

Essentially, configurable products are products that contain different options for each variation – size, color, etc.

It’s important to note that each simple product that is a part of one configurable product has a unique SKU, but it is not visible individually once it becomes a part of a configurable product.

Naturally, a newly created configurable product will have its own unique SKU, too.

At this point, it might sound confusing and a bit overwhelming, but the entire process is simple and having configurable products can be rather beneficial for your online store in so many ways.

After all, think of a store that has one product, let’s say an umbrella in 20 different colors.

It would seem redundant having 20 simple products in your online store only because the color differs, right?

Creating only one configurable product can make your store look more polished, and what’s important – save your customers the trouble while trying to find a suitable product.

Also, have in mind that, since each simple product (umbrellas of all colors) will still keep their SKU number, it will be possible for store owners/administrators to track the quantity and keep stock for each product up-to-date.

First things first – we need to create attributes and attribute sets.

In our tutorial, we added size and color since we want our shoes to have those exact attributes.

Meaning – attribute set presents a list of individual attributes that your product has.

We can create as much attribute sets as we need, pairing up different attributes depending on the product.

Begin by navigating to Catalog and choosing Manage Attributes.

We want our product to have size and color as attributes, so we will continue adding them.

Once you click on Manage attributes you will get to see a list of all previously created attributes.

What you need now is to click on the orange Add New Attribute button located in the upper-right part of the screen.

Found it?

Great, now start adding your first attribute!

How to create attributes in Magento

Next step is to set up an attribute code that has to be unique and cannot contain spaces.

Next, choose Global scope from the dropdown menu.

Now, you have to determine the catalog input type for the store owner.

This is where you will determine that you want to show your attributes as a dropdown menu.

When it comes to products,  if you wish this attribute to be applied, choose – All Product Types from the dropdown menu.

Lastly, when it comes to attribute properties, mark whether you wish or not to use this attribute to create a configurable product.

We do need it for that purpose, so we marked “yes” from the dropdown menu.

Now, move on to setting up the front end properties.

Mark “yes” next to Comparable on Front-end and mark your attribute to be filterable with results in layered navigation.

Add new attribute in Magento

Next, notice the left-hand menu and continue setting up your attribute.

Choose Manage Label/Options. See the screenshot for better understanding.

Manage label

Clicking the Add Option button will allow you to add as many different sizes as you need for your product.

Once you are done simply click the Save Attribute orange button in the upper right corner of the page and save your newly created attribute.

Have in mind that for the purpose of this tutorial we need to create two attributes – size and color.

Simply repeat the procedure and create a new attribute named color, and add different colors for your product by clicking Add option button multiple times (depending on the number of colors available).

Once we have created two different attributes, we need to create a new attribute set.

Navigate to Catalog and choose Manage Attribute Sets from the dropdown menu.

Here is the screenshot:

How to manage attribute sets in Magento

Once there, find the orange Add New Set button.

Add a name for your attribute set and choose “default” from the dropdown menu.

Click the Save Attribute Set orange button.

Your next step should be clicking the Add New orange button and creating the new group.

We called it Shoes and assigned two of the yet unassigned attributes to it.

It’s easy, you simply have to drag and drop them into your new group.

Take a look:

Create new group and assign new attributes

Do exactly the same thing with attribute “color”.

Once you’re done, click the Save Attribute set orange button.

Good job, one part of creating your first configurable product is done.

Now we simply need to use our new attribute set to create your new configurable product.

You’re probably familiar with the procedure of adding a new product. Start by navigating to Catalog and choose Manage Products.

Locate the Add New Product orange button and start!

Since we have our brand new attribute set called Shoes, choose that attribute set from the dropdown menu.

Naturally, choose the Configurable product for your Product type and mark boxes next to Colour and Size.

Click the Continue orange button and start entering information related to your product such as Name, Description, SKU number, and Weight.

Enable your new product and choose for it to be visible through Catalog, Search.

Move on and add Price and Images and mark it as In Stock.

The next step is when you actually start assigning all the simple products to one configurable product.

Notice the tab “Associated products” in left-hand menu and click on it.

In the upper part of the screen, you have the option to Quickly create your simple product.

That is exactly what we did in our tutorial.

A new window will open and you will be able to create your new simple product.

See the screenshot:

Adding new simple product

The procedure of adding simple product is – simple.

What you need to note is the option Shoes in left-hand side menu.

This is where you should choose your size and color from the dropdown menu.

Determine the Quantity and mark your new product as In Stock.

Click the Save orange button in the upper right corner of the page and save your changes.

Your associated product will show in the bottom of the page.

Note that if at any point you wish to remove one of the products, you can do so by simply unchecking the box next to the product name.

Continue adding products, and make sure you save all your changes in the end.

Adding associated products in Magento

Good job, you have successfully created your first configurable product!

Let us know if you need additional help.