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How to create new store and store view in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to System→Manage Stores
  2. Click Create New Store orange button
  3. Fill in Website, Name, Root Category
  4. Click Save Store orange button
  5. Click Create Store View
  6. Fill in Store, Name, Code, Status
  7. Click Save Store View orange button

Our new tutorial will take you through the entire process of adding more stores and store views to your online store.

For better understanding, go ahead and log into your Magento admin panel and navigate to System and click Manage stores.


As you can see, default Magento installation will include Main Website, one store and three different store views – one for English, and one for French and German.


The great thing about Magento is that you can easily change this and add more websites, stores and store views.

It is important to know the difference, however.

Adding and managing multiple websites means that they will probably have different purposes, products, and target markets. They will contain different sets of data and other crucial differences. That is the reason why they need to have their own separate domains as well.

Those websites can also contain multiple stores and store views. Store views will be different, but those differences will never be that big.

Example? Of course.

Let’s say that you are selling ceramic plates only. You are your own boss and you spend all your time above a massive wheel crafting your clay into perfect plates.

However, you decide to broaden your business, and you start selling baby gear. Now those two do not have a lot in common, don’t they? It would be kinda silly to simply create two different store views. You need to create a different website.

Magento is great since it will allow you to have both stores inside of one Magento installation, thus making it easy to manage and switch websites. They will, however, as we mentioned, have different domains.

With store views, the things are quite different. You can create different stores and store views in case you start wholesale for example or store views in case you shift your target market and start selling in different countries with different languages.

The fact that creating a new website would require additional setups in terms of domains, we will stick to settings that are admin related and show you how you can create more stores and store views.

Creating new store

Once you are logged in, navigate to System and choose Manage Stores.

Now, notice orange New Store button in the upper right corner. Next, fill in all necessary information:

  • Website
  • Name
  • Root Category

This is the moment to reflect on another important fact you need to know when creating a new store in Magento. Your Root category.

Your Root category holds all your subcategories (often referred to as categories) that hold all your products. That means that your Root category has the highest level of all categories. That also means that you can have only one Root category that is active at one point in time.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot create another one. You can do so by simply clicking Catalog and choose Manage Categories.


Make sure you scroll down and choose Active from the dropdown menu. Now go ahead and add new subcategories and products to your store.

Now, back to creating the new store.

how-to-create-new-store-in-magnetorFirst, choose parent Website for your new store. You will be shown multiple choices in case you have more websites in your Magento installation. We have only one, so we decided to set up Main Website as our parent website.

Decide on Name for your new store and remember that it will be used for internal purposes only.

Finally, choose Root category that you will use.

Make sure you click orange Save Store button and save your changes. Good job!


Creating new store view

Now, start setting up your new store view. First, choose the store that will be a parent store to your new store view.

We chose to name it Wholesale store. See the screenshot…

new-store-viewFill in Name and Code and enable your store in dropdown menu. Click Save Store View orange button and it will appear like this:

new-store-and-store-viewThat’s it!

Now, go once more back to the beginning and check how your new store appears for store administrators.

Good luck with your new store, and let us know if the set up was successful!