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How to create grouped product in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Catalog→Manage Products
  2. In the top right corner click Add Product
  3. Choose Grouped product from the dropdown menu
  4. Fill in: Product Information
  5. In Associated products tab, find simple products to add
  6. Mark checkboxes next to products and add Default Qty
  7. Click "Save" button

Every online store is unique, and as such, store owners all have different requirements on their mind. Whether that is functionality, button color, number of products per page or new shipping method – the need to stay on top of the things is unique to every store owner out there.

Products can come in many forms and shapes, and luckily, Magento offers setting up different types of products easily.

We already showed you how to set up the simple product, add related products, as well as how to set up the configurable product.

This tutorial will show you how to set up another product type – grouped product.

Store owners can easily add grouped products, by simply joining two or more products that already exist in their online store. Products can all be purchased separately as well, so the entire idea is to pair them up and create an offer buyer cannot resist.

There is one more thing that is important to mention when talking about grouped products before we start setting them up – you will notice that Price tab is missing.

The reason for that is the fact that you cannot manipulate the price of individual items inside of a grouped product, nor with its final price.

Since all items can be bought separately, there is no possibility to add a unique price to a grouped product unless you set up a shopping cart price rule.

Otherwise, your catalog product overview will show the price of a grouped product by saying: “starting at XY”.

Take a look:

Catalog product overview - grouped product

To start setting up grouped product in Magento, log in, navigate to Catalog and choose Manage Products.

How to start creating grouped product in Magento

Let’s continue setting up our first grouped product. Our example product is a table for four with four chairs that can be purchased separately.

In the upper right corner of the page, locate and click Add Product orange button.

Next, you will get the option to choose your product type. Simply open the dropdown menu and choose Grouped product, as shown in the screenshot below.

How to create grouped product in Magento

Next, click orange Continue button.

Now, simply fill in all necessary information about your product – Name and SKU number, set its status to Enabled and visibility to Catalog, Search.

Move on to Images tab, click orange Browse Files button, find the location where your product images are stored, choose the ones you wish to add and click orange Upload Images button.

Move on to Description tab located in the menu on your right-hand side and fill in short and long description fields.

Next, set your Stock Availability to In Stock and move on to Website tab.

Here, choose the website where your new product will appear, and do the same in Category tab.

Finally, we come to the point that will make a difference between any other simple product on your store and your newly created grouped product – tab Associated products.

Clicking this tab will let you choose which ones of your existing simple products you wish to sell in a group.

You can do so easily by simply marking checkboxes next to the simple products you wish to offer together.

One small note – in order to be able to add products, you need to choose “Any” from the dropdown in the upper left corner of the Table set field.

This way you will be able to choose any product on your online store and make it your new associated product. Take a look:

how to add associated products in Magento
After you choose “Any”, make sure you click Search orange button as this will get you the list of available simple products.

Here is a screenshot for better understanding:

Adding a simple product to a grouped product

Once you find your product, simply mark the checkbox next to it. If you need to keep on searching and wish to add multiple products, simply repeat the same procedure.


There is one more thing to pay attention to. As you can see from the screenshot above, you will need to fill out one more field: Default Quantity.

Default quantity field is supposed to show the smallest item quantity that customers will be able to place into their shopping cart.

This is how it will show to your customers on simple product view page:

SPV page for a grouped product

In the very end, you can choose whether products that you joined into a grouped product will be shown individually as well.

You can do so by searching for a product, and mark Not Visible Individually under General settings.

As always, make sure you click Save orange button in the upper right corner of the screen and save your product.

In the end, you can perform additional settings in order to determine how your grouped product will show in your shopping cart.

These settings can be found if you navigate to System and choose Configuration.

From the left-hand side menu click Sales and choose Checkout.

Setting up checkout options in Magento

As you can see in the screenshot above, you have a dropdown that lets you choose if parent product image thumbnail or associated product image thumbnail will appear on checkout.

Choose the option you prefer and click Save Config orange button.

You are all done, now you just need to make sure that your products are well matched and represent a perfect fit for your customers.