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How to add more fields to simple product view in Magento

  1. From Magento Admin panel to Catalog→Manage Attributes
  2. In the top right corner click "Add New Attribute"
  3. Fill in: Attribute code/Scope/Catalog Input Type for Store Owner/Frontend Properties
  4. Click "Save Attrubute" button
  5. Navigate to Catalog→Manage Attribute Sets
  6. Drag and drop your attribute to Description attribute set
  7. Click "Save Attribute Set" button

*Please note that minimum coding is required. 

In our newest tutorial, we will walk you through the process of making your product page more compelling and certainly more informative for your customers.

As you probably know, when adding a new product to your online store, Magento, by default, offers two fields only when it comes to product description – long and short description.

Which is probably what you will need the most once you start managing your products.

But what if, aside long and short description, your product page needs more fields such as Good to Know or Key features for example?

It is simple – you will have to add more.

In case you wondered how to achieve that, look no further than Magento Attributes.

To kick off the process navigate to Catalog and choose Manage Attributes.

Managing attributes in Magento admin panel

What you need to do is create a new attribute for each new field you wish to add. The procedure is completely the same as if you are adding new attribute for your product (color, size, etc.)

The only difference is the attribute set you need to place your newly created attribute in.

Let’s say that our product needs a field called “care_instructions”.

Adding new field in Magento description

In order to add the new field, insert attribute code that is unique and does not contain spaces and decide on its scope based on your requirements.

When it comes to Catalog Input Type for Store Owner choose Text area since you will need to enter content into your newly created field.

Next, fill out Manage Label/Options field by simply entering your attribute code to Admin field.

Adding label to attribute in Magento

Your next step should be adding your newly created attribute to Description attribute set.

Once again, go back to the beginning, click on Catalog and choose Manage Attribute Sets from the menu.

Now, simply drag and drop your new attribute and make it part of Description group. You will find your new attribute on the right-hand side under Unassigned Attributes.

Take a look at the screenshot for a better understanding:

Assigning new attribute to belonging attribute set in Magento


It looks great and it is pretty useful for your product in terms of giving you possibility to showcase the variety of its features or helping customers maintain the product.

How to add more description fields to your simple product view in Magento

You got it!

Of course, you can go ahead and add as many fields as you need.

Always have in mind how it will reflect on overall usability on your store as you do not want to clutter your product page or overwhelm your customers with unnecessary information.

Good job! Make sure you let us know if you had any difficulties in adding a new field to your simple product view, we are always glad to help out!