Mystery of Landing Pages for Your eCommerce Site Revealed


Are you struggling to create perfect landing page? You landed to our blog, so you might as well read all about how to create compelling landing page that will generate leads and help you boost your sales. Enjoy!


We’re sure that you have often found yourself questioning your conversion rates.

Daily probably. And probably you need answers that can solve the mystery of conversion rates, visits, bounce rates and all that fever.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business are you managing, you have probably always been aware of how extremely important conversion rates and visits are.

In our world of eCommerce – conversion rates are everything.

They are the ones that can either make or break the business.

Without any doubt, every page is equally important and they should all create a whole.

But when it comes to landing pages, everything is one bit different!

What is a landing page?

Landing page is the first page on which your customer/client/buyer, will literally land.

It doesn’t really have to reflect your main website and you will not even see it in your website’s navigation.

Moreover, it is even advised to completely remove it from website navigation and to create a distinct design for it.

It should stand alone, waiting for your clients, ready to enchant them and make them want more.

It is rather special too, since it has its own mission, and only one task – to present your company/business in the best possible way and to call for an action of some sort.

This is why we have sum up several guidelines regarding landing pages along with some advices on how to rock them on your website. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Types of landing pages.

But, first things first – you should know that there are two kinds of landing pages, depending on what you want to achieve, of course.

First type is so called Click Through landing page.

This page has a primary goal to invite and motivate visitors to click through and take them to another page.

This kind of landing page is generally used to reduce poor conversion rates to a minimum.

What often happens is that click through landing page is directed towards shopping cart for example.

This is something that a user does not expect.

At this point of the process, he still doesn’t have enough informations about who you are or what you offer.

That is why he will most probably, at this point run away, while you’re chasing him to fill out his shopping cart with products and enter his credit card details.

This is when Landing Page becomes a true star of the play!

Its role is to be an intermediate that shows up in between visitors initial click and registration page for example.

It should inform the visitor what is it all about and then make it possible to click through and proceed to product page for example.

Visitor is informed where he is and what he can expect, and what is even more important /he stayed and clicked through!

Visitors are showering it with flowers/clicks and landing page quickly becomes superstar of increased visits and conversion rates.

Another type of landing pages are Lead Generations landing pages.

They have different aim, and that is to make visitors enter their data such as name and email for example. It will always contain a certain form for you to fill in – make it a webinar registration, invitation to register to play a video game, invitation to get a coupon or a discount code or a free trial of some sort.

As always the goal is to attain customers once they got to your website. Of course, the easiest thing is to offer something. That’s why you should think of offering something in return – if you’re selling something, offer a coupon.

Or show them a preview of a book. But no matter what you do, always try to create a compelling offer that they can not miss out on.

Present yourself and your product in a way that is interesting, engaging, truthful and fun. Communicate what is important and you will never worry about conversions again!

Always have in mind that visitor came to your landing page upon clicking on, what usually is, marketing call to action – which is, of course, good and means that visitor is already interested. Now all it takes is to boost that interest by presenting landing page.

This is where page content is crucial. There are a lot of sources that can help you create a perfect one and we have summed up couple of advices regarding landing page anatomy.

Here are couple of recommendations:

Start with impeccable title – your title has to match the sentence that your customer clicked on and that got him to your website. Of course that you can change it, but in that case you have to create another type of strong correlation with the sentence that he saw. And no, it’s not the best idea to simply put a compelling picture. Sure, you need that too, but it’s for the best to keep things simple and stick to the same title on both ends.

It will give to your buyers a strong sense that they will actually see what they expect to see, that they will find out something more, and that is just what made them click in the first place. So don’t disappoint them and don’t ever make them wonder around trying to figure out where did the click take them.

Continue with great subtitle (sub header) – has one goal only and that is to support your title and give additional detail and information. It should be short and decisive, after reading the subtitle every visitor should know exactly what it is all about. That’s why it’s really important to create one that will make them stay around longer. Make it simple, yet informative and you should have a win-win situation.

What it is all about? And here is the essence – explaining what is it all about! At this point you should write down (or create a visual) of all the great things that your client/customer will benefit from cooperating with you. Name all the benefits, all the privileges, and explain what makes you different.

It is strongly advised to present this content in bullets, but even if you opt not to do so, the important thing is not to miss some big and important fact, to be truthful and concise. It will provide additional value to your landing page and it will mean a lot to your business.

Add Call to action. Ok, now this is important. Call to action (CTA) is probably the most important part of your landing page (if we can even dare saying that something is more important than another). But really, without CTA your customers would simply read your page and that would be it – the whole point would be missed.

That is why CTA is extremely relevant and is actually the one guiding visitors where you actually want them. It can be a sign in button that will register you for seminar webinar or newsletter for example. It is advised to repeat CTA several times depending on how many screens of text/visuals you have on your landing page.

Don’t hesitate to repeat them, especially if you made them nice looking, with a white space and contrast color like it is recommended. Show them off all over the place! (not literally, of course!)

You have probably heard this one aw so many times! And every time it was a complete truth. Social proof is crucial. Think of how many times you simply had to approach to the busiest store, place in the market or restaurant. The power of the crowd is just amazing.

That’s why you simply need to ask your previous satisfied clients to write down couple of nice words about their experience in doing business with you. It will show that you are real, that you can communicate, that you are dedicated and professional. For your clients, it will mean that they can trust you, and they will stick around.

At this point it is of great use to reinforce and cement your message. It should be something that will additionally give value to the essence which is already represented in your title. Emphasize it and reinforce it by saying once more why they simply have to be your client/buyer/partner.

Be decisive, firm and persuasive. Remind them to go back to the beginning and make them feel sure that they can contact you. Place CTA somewhere near, because this is the time when they decide to contact you/register.

Every story needs a closure, so make sure you have a strong statement to close your landing page with it. It would be nice to repeat CTA at this point and simply end the story about your business with a sharp, brave and strong message.

And this is pretty much all you need to know when starting this adventure called creating of landing page.

Of course, there is more – you should pay attention to colors, fonts, focal points and directional cues. There are many examples of how to use urgency on your landing page to attract more visitors.

There are also theories about video that state that its presence can increase conversions for roughly 80 percent. 80 PERCENT! How amazing is that! That’s why you should strive to find out as much as you can before you create your first landing page. We hope we helped!