How to Write a Great Job Description (and Attract Great Candidate)


Are you having trouble putting up a great ad for one of your vacancies? Is attracting the wrong candidate the result? Here is how to write great job description and welcome great team member!

Great Job Description For Company Growth

A few weeks ago I was listening to The Foundation Podcast and there was a guy (I can’t remember his name) who said that people are not investing their time into happiness. Instead, they are covering up the happiness with bank account statements and do nothing about actually trying to be happy. There are books about happiness that you can actually learn from…

This is how I essentially feel about job descriptions postings.

Every single manager is reading books on how to improve processes in the company, how to lead, how to handle customers, but it seems like nobody is putting their effort on hiring great people.

True search for great people starts with job description, and all of the job posts I have recently seen look the same. They represent the list of things that will prevent a rotten candidate from applying. They don’t have a single description of a job that people they will hire will actually do. They all have a common misunderstanding of what their purpose is and they all focus on attracting average hire.

When there is a see of the same old boring job description, a different one will get attention. It will provide a good candidates an opportunity to choose a carrier path instead of just choosing a next salary provider.

So, instead of just writing a bullet-point list of applicants degrees and qualifications, write a real job description (what will your future employee really do), write about your expectations and ability to deliver results, ask your candidates to be able to learn new skills and engage in something new without having a previous knowledge about the area.

Put a little effort into writing a job description and you’ll find it rewarding. This way you will not be hunting for average candidate, and you just might stumble upon your next superstar.

Don’t exaggerate your job description and be honest. If you do – you will attract wrong people. Even if they are a great hire, they just might not be the great hire for you and might leave you sooner than you’d like.

Here is a sample of great job description from 37signals.

I hope you find this post useful, and if you do – please share your comment or advice with the world.