How to Use Up-sell and Cross-sell Products to Increase Sales on Your Online Store?


You added up-sell and cross-sell products on your online store? That’s great, but have you done it the right way? This one is important, so make sure you do it properly. Scroll down and learn more!

In the world of eCommerce, everything revolves around sales.

Store owners and administrators are spending days and nights optimising, tweaking and adjusting.

You have probably red many articles or statistics on how to increase sales and probably ran into this advice many times – add up-sell and cross-sell products!

You have probably seen how Amazon and other eCommerce giants mastered it long time ago.

Don’t you think now it’s your turn?

If you agree, here’s how to silently ask your customers: Do you need a decoration set to go with your cupcake pan?

Get rid of misconceptions

First things first.

Yes, Magento is robust and at times not easy to use.

Its steep learning curve is mentioned all the time, and it is easy to forget that it can offer you a lot and especially when it comes to your products and ways of displaying them.

It is more than easy to log in to your Admin panel, follow simple steps and create up-sell and cross-sell products.

We guarantee you will master it by the end of this article.

Also, if you firmly believe that you need loads of products on your online store so that you could offer related products, you are wrong.

You can add up-sell and cross-sell products even if you have just couple of products or if your product is a virtual one.

If you have products that you believe are a match made in heaven, make sure you show that, even if there is only couple of them.

Make sure you don’t give up if your product is a virtual one, there is no reason to do such thing.

You can always offer wireless controller to go with a video game that you are selling, right?

Simply try a bit harder.

Where to start?

Make sure you predict what is it that your buyers need, and what is it that they can purchase in your store.

If you’re selling cupcake pans, make sure you put small pastry spoons alongside the pan.

Put some decorative jars for sugar and decorations.

Offer blankets that would go ideally with your product and that will give to your customers an idea to go and eat them in nature while enjoying the picnic.

Sell them a lifestyle and they will always remain faithful to your store.

That’s right, if you have had any prejudices what so ever, get rid of them right now, and be certain that you are doing the right thing for your store.

No matter how big you are or what your product is.

You are not being pushy, you are inspiring.

Cross-sell Products

Usually, cross-sell products appear after the product is added into shopping cart.

Imagine all those chewing gums, lollypops and mints in front of a cash register.

Those are the products meant for cross selling.

Again, not many differences between traditional seller techniques and online selling.

They will do so much for your store, as you always have to count that your customers will be impulsive at times.

That’s why you cannot miss placing cross-sell products on your store.

But be careful, and do not force it.

You will hardly see any results if you offer random products.
Cross selling example

Up-sell Products

Now if you were doubting, this is where it all becomes crystal clear.

It is definitely the easiest way to ensure that your buyers will add few pricey items into their cart.

Offering up-sell products can do so much in terms of increasing average order value on your store.

Be careful, always offer items that are slightly more expensive than the ones that customer has already placed in a shopping cart.

Offer items made of better materials, that are of higher quality and that will offer more functionalities.

It is a very popular and useful strategy in numerous industries.

Make sure you do it properly though.

Offering woollen scarf to go with a silk dress will hardly do you any good.

Frequently bought together” is a great way to sell pricey pens to go with travel journal, or a leather bag that will go with it perfectly.


upselling Amazon example

How to do it in Magento?

It’s easy.

Go through your products carefully and start by determining which are the products that could (and should) be paired.

Be careful about this though – do not confuse related products to the ones meant for up-sell. For now, you simply want to inspire your customers to buy more.

You can easily add up-sell and cross-sell products by navigating to Catalog and choosing this option from the menu.

Then, simply find products by their SKU number or ID and save your changes.

Simple as that.

What is also important is trying not to narrow your product page to one product only.

Let’s say you are selling clothes and your product page presents a shirt.

You can write a killer product description, add great photography and create amazing buy button that stands out.

Perfect, but why not completing the whole look?

Turn to traditional stores one more time.

People go inside the shop because of what the doll in the window is wearing and sometimes often shop for the fool look.

You have to be all in one when it comes to your online store.

Store owner, art director, merchandiser and CEO.

In the end..

If you are store owner, you probably went deep into all the functionalities Magento has to offer.

You have probably created categories, subcategories and organised your products neatly.

But now, it’s time to do something regarding sales and conversion rates on your online store.

Magento is a robust platform and it will let you arrange your products in many different ways.

You will not need plugins, third party solutions or consultations with developers.

You can do it all by yourself and stand proud after you realise your conversion rates have gone wild.

And of course, knowing that you have achieved everything all alone.