How to Survive a Cataclysm Known as “Abandoned Shopping Cart?”


Roughly 3.5 trillion dollars will be completely lost in abandoned carts this year! Have you done enough to prevent buyers to leave in the middle of purchase? We compiled several tips on how to reduce those scary numbers! Here’s our new blog post!


Here is a fun fact: biggest number of shopping carts is abandoned on Thursday!

Here is as fact that’s not at all fun: roughly 3.5 trillion dollars will be completely lost in abandoned carts this year!

As an online retail owner, how much time, thoughts and energy have you invested trying to figure out how to avoid this vicious circle of shopping carts full of items being discarded and left aside?

More importantly, have you done enough?

And is there anything else in your power that can prevent your customers leaving, and you losing income?

When faced with big numbers related to cart abandonment, it is more than necessary to just stop and ask yourselves what is happening?

How come that you have a professional eCommerce solution, optimised for all devices, website that offers quality products, and yet you have numbers going high when looking at abandoned shopping carts?

What is it that makes your customers change their mind?

At what point? And what can you do about it?

Before going deeper into searching for solutions, let’s look back and try to identify the cause of the problem.

Firstly, it would be of good use to browse through your own online shop and pay a lot of attention: are your product pictures the way they should be?

Are your photos high quality ones, are they doing justice to your products? Is it easy to navigate through your store, is your checkout easy and functional?

Do you have steps in your checkout process that can be avoided, or is it required to go through a tormenting process of finding yours in the long list of states, phones and zip code entering?

Do you have any videos, what is their production quality and are they meaningful and useful?

If you definitely concluded that there is nothing wrong with your store per se, that it is a fully professional and functional eCommerce solution, and you still have quite a lot of abandoned carts, continue reading and you will find couple of useful points.

Number one cause that has to be identified is definitely hidden costs of shipping.

Nothing can make customers more frustrated than to realise that all those “free shipping” announces are no good and that the offer is simply – not true.

Statistics show that the biggest reason for leaving the carts is abandoning due to unexpected shipping or other costs.

Not only that – if the buyers are interested in a product it is more likely that they will be ready to purchase it, if shipping is at the expense of an online retailer.

There is a solution of course – just make sure that your shipping costs and all other additional costs that your product might have, are listed on time.

Think of including calculator so that your customers can at least get an estimate on how big the shipping costs could be.

Even better – you could go an extra mile into defining their geographical location by simply using IP address (if law of your country allows you to do that).

For them, it’s one step less. And today it can make a huge difference in minds of your customers. Make sure you have informed your buyers what to expect.

It is better than facing abandoned carts, for sure.

Of course another possibility is – your customers are just browsing.

Remember, your online store is supposed to take window shopping to a whole different level.

It is for that reason that you shouldn’t, by any means, ignore the possibility that they are visiting so that they can choose and browse products, easily calculate the total amount and get information about shipping.

Maybe they simply wish to compare costs and see how long will it take to get the delivery.

That is why you should engage yourself into writing emails or creating popups that will remind your customers that for example, their cart will be saved for a while and that they can come back anytime and continue/finish shopping.

You can use different applications if your idea is to offer special discounts, offer items that are on special price or simply coupon codes if they return.

Soon – your income will go high, for sure!

Be careful though and limit your issuing of coupon codes to only one use per one customer ideally.

You surely don’t want people abandoning their carts just because they know that if so, they will receive extra benefits and discount.

Pavlov’s effect is not welcomed in this case!

Make sure that your speed is not impeding the customers in any way and that it does not make them lose their patience.

If your store is to slow or buggy, fix it as soon as possible  it will never bring you any good.

The best possible solution is to host it at a trustworthy server.

If it is taking to long to load the page, it is most likely that customer will give up and statistics are confirming this statement.

They say that 11% of buyers are abandoning carts particularly for this reason.

It is really a minor sacrifice and can mean so much for your online business. It can either make it or – break it.

Similar percentage, 12% of abandoned carts are happening due to complicated checkout process.

You have to have on your mind that this is one of the most important parts of the whole shopping hoopla. It is that glorious moment when you have finally win over a new customer with your precision, detailed description of a product, good picture, “how to” video and amazing product reviews.

It is that moment when they opt to give you his most confidential details, and spend their money with you.

It might be a good solution to think of using couple of our recommendations.

Make sure you think through your payment options.

It is a good idea to list in icons all of possible ways to conduct a payment.

It will give to customers visual presentation of what are the payment options provided and make them realise that if they choose to buy something from your online store – they will not go through a trouble of not being able to pay with intended payment method.

Talking about design, make sure that the whole experience on your online store is intuitive and that online store is easy to navigate.

Make sure your shopping cart is visible and easy to find.

It would be quite useless to leave your customers treasure hunt their shopping cart through whole web page.

Now go ahead and look your online store closely, but from the buyers perspective, of course!