How to Successfully Implement Pre Ordering on Your Store and Ensure a Success Story


In our latest blog posts we are trying to investigate how pre orders can be used to your benefit when running online store. Here is what we have found out! And make sure you let us know have you tried it and were the results positive!

If you are running an online store, you have probably firmly established your business in your niche, discovered and segmented buyers that are frequenting your store.

Probably you have a reliable team that handles marketing for your online store and you are presenting your products via social media accounts that are constantly growing.

Could you say that, over time, everything simply fell into its place and you are peacefully stocking your products knowing exactly what is it that your buyers want and what will they mostly order?

That is just perfect. You might as well stop reading.

But, if that is not the case, it means that you are in the beginning of your eCommerce journey and that you still have to figure out details and polish your skills.

We tried to help you, and that is why in this article, we will focus on things that you might have missed, or didn’t realize how important they could be for your store.

Pre orders for online store

Introducing – pre orders!

It is that simple.

Pre orders are a great way to investigate what your target market has to say about your product and it can save you from wasting loads of energy, efforts, finances and nerves when (if) you realize your product has failed.

With pre orders – it simply is not possible.

Start sending newsletters

You need this one, introducing pre orders or not!

Email marketing can do wonders for your store – statistics say that average open and clickthrough rate is 22,6 %.

Now, if you decide to introduce pre orders, you need to let your buyers know what are those items and what is this new amazing offer they will not resist.

If you are already running online marketing campaigns, and you most definitely should, simply add another list.

Create a compelling copy and craft your newsletter design.

Then, notify everyone that you have made it possible for your buyers to be the first ones to rock new accessory line/clothing line/beauty product. Of course, always let your customers know when will the order become available.

And of course, stick to it and don’t make buyers wait longer than promised.

Will you charge full amount?

It is not at all a bad idea to charge full amount ahead.

Sure, it might be tricky, but it is a way for you to ensure that the outcome will be positive on your end.

And if you are just launching your eCommerce website, that can give you a sense of security and well being.

Make sure you don’t over do it though – if you are selling pricey items, this might not work.

After all, your buyers want to feel safe as well.

So, try to find a perfect balance and it will be a success story.

Either promise them free of charge return or choose products that are less expensive!

Create new pages

Ok, this one is important.

It would be great if you could dedicate time to creation of separate pages that will be unique and announce pre orders in big style.

Make sure you intrigue your customers, inspire them and make them feel that they will miss out.

Offer them a special price and write a killer description that no one could resist.

Add professional imagery and polish those pages.

Distribute the news all over social media

Well this one is a no brainer.

You have to let everyone know, and your email list will not cut it.

You need to spread the word all over the place so use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and post relentlessly.

Benefits – you will produce exact amounts and ensure sold out tag on your products!

Of course, you might experience a different, not so desirable scenario.

That is exactly why you need to test new features all the time.

And more than that, that’s why you need to measure the outcome after introducing changes to your online store.

Always do what your customers appreciate – that is the only thing that will lead to you telling your success story some day.