How to Start a Website in 7 Minutes or Less and Save Thousands


Yes, it is possible to set up a website in just a few minutes. You will save thousands, but more than that – you will be able to say you did it all by yourself! Here is how.

Setup website in minutes

Starting a website for a business is as crucial as registering it. In today’s world if you’re not on available online, you might as well not exist. Starting a website on your own has never been so easy. And even if you don’t have any programming experience you can still do it… quickly and without help from anyone.

To setup your own website in 7 minutes and less without any previous knowledge on how to do it, just follow these steps and you will see how easy it is to set up your website on the most popular platform in the world called WordPress.

1. Purchase Domain & Hosting

Domain name is your online address. Domain name of this website is You can register domain name you want, but .com is the most popular.

Hosting is server that you rent which keeps your data online and visible to others. Choosing a reliable hosting provider for your website is crucial. Probably the most important decision you’ll make.

I personally love using GoDaddy as I had best experience with them. Plus, they provide you with WordPress hosting and domain registration which means you can do all in one place, and finish setup in less than 3 minutes.

2. Download WordPress Theme

You need to choose design for your website, as well as perfectly optimized code for search engines (SEO writing is really important for others to find your business).

You can choose between many free and paid themes, on many websites, but I personally like Genesis and themes built upon it: StudioPress.

It might take time to choose your theme, but once you do, you can finish the purchase and download in less than 2 minutes.

3. Install Theme

Once you have registered your domain name, and purchased WordPress hosting, all you need to do is log in to your WordPress website (on following address and go to Appearance -> Install Theme, and upload theme of your choice.

This process takes about 2 minutes or less.

4. Make Some Coffee

You’re done with setting up your first website, you deserve a coffee or a tea while thinking about the content you should provide to your customers for a website you have started in less than 10 minutes.

Need a help? Let us know at [email protected], and we’ll jump right into it.