How to Sort Category Products in Magento?


It’s not all about the looks. But sometimes, big part of success, especially when it comes to products on your online store revolves around the way everything is displayed.

Another important thing that you need to have on your mind at all times, is that you need to create and follow up on a logical structure that you have predefined.

And you need to ensure that your store’s design will complement that, while giving your customers impeccable overall experience on your store at the same time.

It is all about your storefront at this point and you need to make sure that your customers will gasp from excitement when presented to it.

A daunting task, we know.

Inside the store

You probably tried really hard to create a positive overall experience on your website, making great product photography and having current web design trends on your mind.

And that is definitely something many choose to do.

Trends encourage and instil a sense of security, since they have already been either silently or loudly approved, loved and accepted by majority.

It is what makes business owners believe they are doing the right thing, even though often, these premises have not been confirmed as beneficial for their business.

There are several claims that will never grow old though – you need to be authentic, you need to make a statement, and you need to catch visitor’s attention.

And whether you managed to achieve that by following trends or – quite the opposite – disregarding them – is less important.

But once we put design trends and product photography aside, and go deep into what is the flesh and bone of your online store, we end up with simplified view of your products and categories holding them together.

This is the essence, and this is what you need to be careful about when presenting to your customers.

Mistakes have to be reduced to a bare minimum as they will largely affect your conversion rates and impact your growth.

After all, you don’t want your customers wandering all over the place trying to find what they are looking for. You don’t want word “wander” next to your online store, no matter the context.

And, you most certainly, don’t want your customers browsing your “Shoes” category only to see an infinite pile of ankle boots, wedges and flats randomly sorted without any structure.

So, in case you are just getting ready to set up your storefront, in case you are adding new products and having trouble figuring out how to sort them properly, stumbling while trying to find your logic, and being clueless about the technical side of things, scroll down as we will give you a detailed guide on how to easily sort products in Magento.

Sorting category products in Magento

Go ahead and login to your online store’s administration panel and navigate to Catalog.

From there – choose Manage Categories and select category that you wish/need to organize by clicking its name in the left hand side menu.

It looks like this:

Magento sort products from one category

In case you unmark “Use All Available Attributes” checkbox, Magento will offer you to sort products by following attributes: Best Value, Name or Price. 

For now, we will only show you how to position them when “Use Config Settings” checkbox is marked.

Best value position of products is determined by filling out the “Position” checkbox.

You can find it under tab “Category Products“.

Sorting category products in MagentoSimply go ahead and sort them by adding numbers in checkboxes. Make sure you click Save orange button, once you are happy with order of your products.

As you can see, the entire process is rather easy and straightforward.

Other sorting possibilities

Following similar procedure, we can change product sorting in one more way.

Unchecking “Use All Available Attributes” will let you select any of attributes offered, either – “Price“, “Name” or “Best Value” attribute, or combine them by clicking on desired attributes.

Note that, if you wish to select more than one attribute, you need to hold Cmd button when choosing attribute.

Sort products by price in Magento

Choosing Name and Price will let your customer choose between these two options when finding a way to sort their products on your store’s frontend.

Note that if you choose Price only, your customers will see your products sorted in an ascending order (going from the cheapest to most expensive products).

Similar solution can be achieved if you navigate to System and choose Configuration. Choose Catalog and then Frontend.

Magento Catalog Configuration

Note that this is the place where you can set up more details related to the way your products are presented on your store’s frontend. You have the option to determine how many products will be shown, according to which attribute they will be listed and will they show in grid only, list only, or will you allow both.

According to Baymard Institute and their usability test published in Smashing Magazine:

For categories, use a combination of “Load more” and lazy-loading. For search, use the “Load more” button, ideally with a dynamic number of results returned based on relevancy scores. On mobile, use the “Load more” button, but loading a lower number of products by default.”

It is a great starting place in case you are a novice when it comes to managing online store. Eventually, you will start running your own tests every once in a while, as your customers will tell you exactly what it is they prefer.

And ultimately, that should be the only rule of thumb you should hold on to.