How to Overcome Fear of Failure


Short reflection on how to overcome ever present fear of failure. Let us know what do you think!

Overcoming fear

Long time ago when I was still in high school somebody asked our algebra professor what is the best way to learn algebra. What he responded still echoes in my head. The simplest way of learning how to solve problems is start solving them. This simple sentence was the most amazing thing I ever heard in my life until that point.

Later on, I’ve met different people in my life and some of them were doing amazing things like being pioneers in modern robotics, artificial neural networks and distributed databases. Some of them were building multimillion-dollar enterprises. I was always glad to participate whenever my knowledge was of any help. I found that other people considered them amazing and yet no one seemed to understand their success formula.

The answer was simple. Unlike many others – they were doers and were not afraid of stepping into something new. Every single one of them has never met with the problem before as there were no solutions, no text books, no nothing… they were simply starting to solve problems to learn more about them. If any of them were afraid of unknown they would never start, and if any of them were afraid of others looking at them and saying this wasn’t good enough the world would be lacking some really great inventions/products.

Simply put, if you have an idea, the best way of learning how to make it available to a world is facing it and start working on it (even if you do not know anything about the field). Give yourself a deadline and don’t come up with excuses to extend it. The only way of overcoming a fear of failure is facing the fact that you might fail. No matter what will happen you will attract attention and you will learn a lot from that experience. And with each new attempt it will be easier, until you’ll finally become the person others will look up to.

So leave the comfort zone and do something awesome. Today.