How to Make Email Signature


We are online throughout the day and corresponding mostly through email. We rely on it in our day to day communication and that is why it is crucial we do it properly. If you haven’t created or updated your email signature, here’s how our advice on how to do so.

How to create email signature

We live in a digital age where more and more communication is performed via email. Our emails are not just reaching our customers, but people they forward our messages to. Having an effective email signature is essential, not just because it leaves an impression of professionalism, but because the poor signature can hurt your reputation.

Based on your email signature, people will guess a lots of things about your company, so keeping it professional can help you a lot.

There are many ways you can make your signature, and many ways to get it wrong. However, there are some basic rules you can follow and get the signature right.

1. Keep It Short

Long email signatures can be found exhausting and people will rather skip than read it carefully. When was the last time you read and agreed to terms and conditions?

Keeping it short might interest people to read all in it and easily find link to your website. After all – its all about getting someone new to look at your products and services.

2. Be Careful With HTML

Each email client has it’s own filters and rendering. When being carried away, and not too careful, the signature can It can show differently on different clients. So, the best way is to keep it simple and use the least HTML possible.

If you however need a complex signature, test it well before sending it.

3. Avoid Images If Possible

Most of the email clients have default option setup to avoid showing images. This means that alternate text will be presented instead of image by default, and your signature might look ruined.

I am well aware of the fact that you do want to show you company logo to everyone in order to build brand awareness, but you sometimes may just to the opposite.

4. Drop Multiple Ways for Contact

Keep it simple. This is the most important rule if you’d like someone to contact you. Don’t provide reader with choice paralysis, give them one option that is most convenient for you and they’ll stick with it.

To group multiple data into one line, use “pipe” delimiter “|”. For example: 99 Oxford St | London | UK

5. Include Only Links to Social Media You Regularly Update

You don’t really want people looking at your profiles where they can’t see anything (or anything new) about you. It gives the impression of being sloppy and uninterested in staying close with your clients.

Again, use pipe to separate different platforms:
website | facebook | twitter

6. Make Really Short Signature for Reply from Mobile

Once you make the signature for regular business email, make one for mobile phone. It is usually set up to be “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent on the go”, but why not change it to represent you and your business. Make a simple two line signature with your name and your URL and use that one to keep promoting your business even when on the go.

Example of an email signature

Acke Jacimovic | General Manager
StuntCoders | 1201 Fake St | Delaware
tel 800-555-1212
website | facebook | twitter